Monday, March 29, 2010


...the places you'll go...

...the words you'll read...

The following story was written in the car, as a text message (10 to be exact), and saved as a draft. I'm a dedicated blogger...ahem.

While on our travels down to Cali we were in desperate need of a restroom so we stopped at the next Rest Area. We walked into what can only be referred to as anything other than a bathroom. Unbeknownst to me there was a naughty word of the female dog persuasion written across the restroom ghetto alley wall.

We'll use the word "twitch" in place of it for the rest of this story since that is what I did (along with simultaneously laughing and screaming inside my head).

My daughter, who was alternately gagging and "eww"ing over the deplorable conditions while I was trying NOT to gag as I "prepped" the area (wiped pee off the seat being careful to keep a thick layer of tissue between my hands and the damp and then lay a thick layer on the seat for her to sit on...oh the benefits to being a boy and having the world as your urinal. And yes, I'm OCD. And yes, this is a really loooong sentence.), discovered that while the world is a little boys urinals, a public restroom is a little girl's urban dictionary. Apparently. So, I'm "prepping" when I hear my darling daughter's little voice say "TWITCH!", enunciating e.a.c.h.l.e.t.t.e.r. like any good kindergartner who has just discovered the joy of reading will do. "I'm sorry? What?!", I say, obviously not using the shiniest marble in my noggin, since she then, of course, repeated it..."TWITCH! It says "twitch" right there on the wall!".

Good job reading, honey, but there are some words that should not be read out loud (or written on public walls...but that's someone else's parental speech to give.)

UGH! Why does their sweet innocence have to be spoiled so early?!

...the people...

...and things...

...and wild turkeys??...'ll see...

...when it's Spring Break...

...and it's blog fodder you seek.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I must have blinked

Don't blink...

...your baby girl turns 6 years old... goes faster than you think.


Dreamer Dancer Decorator Diva
Affectionate Ambitious Artistic Athletic Accessory-wearer
Uninhibited Unabandoned Unique
Gorgeous Generous Gracious Girly Grape-lover
Happy Hoarder High-spirited
Teacher Ticklish Talkative
Extrovert Emotional Effervescent
Reader Reorganizing Rascal

Loved by us.

Happy Birthday to our Babes.
(a little late)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

Hey look! It's been 2 weeks in between blog posts again.

And I am progressively getting further behind on the things that I would like to blog about but it's time for Mer's 10 on the 10th and one of those posts was going to be about the fact that I finally have some recipes (10 to be exact) added to my new blog, Good Grub. So, thanks, Mer!

And, since it's 11:03 PM, the kids/hubs coughing has been keeping me up at night, and I'm still feeling the torture burn of Jillian and her 30 Day Dred, I best type this out lickety split, schedule it to post and get to bed while it's quiet and the gettin's good.

The 10 Recipes That Had The Privilege of Being Added To My Recipe Blog First
(Boy am I original.)

1) Black Bean Soup
2) Greek Pizza (Mer requested it and I delivered.)
3) Black Bean Tortilla Casserole
4) Amish Breakfast Casserole
5) Creamy Beef Enchiladas
6) Topsy-Turvy Apple Pie (Never said I was Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart.)
7) Chicken Tortilla Soup (I have one word for you - FRITOS)
8) Lasagna (If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it.)
9) Guacamole (It's a no-brainer)
10) Chicken Fettuccine (Paula "Butter" Dean approved)

Well that's about all my shredded fingers could handle tonight. So...

The suuuuun haaaas goooone to bed and so must I....gooood byyyye!