Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You're gettin' nutten from me today...

...including good grammar.

I'll have to catch up with you all tomorrow, when things AREN'T so crazy.

Notice I didn't say when I'm not so crazy.

...cause we might have to wait awhile, if that was the case.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here is another addition of Not Me! Monday sponsored by MckMama, who started it all and is the queen of being brutally honest and living to tell about it...

You absolutely would not have seen me FREAK OUT at my son's basketball game when he scored his first basket EVER. I did not, again, flail my body around on my chair and then proceed to jump into the air while shouting, "Good job, Will!", all while thrusting two big thumbs up in the air. Nope. Not me. And no one has footage of this to prove I didn't do it. Or do they?

I did not secretly chuckle when my darling daughter told me in no uncertain terms, "Mama, don't call me Goof. You call me, Babes". I can't deny it. She's my "Babes". I also did not find it absolutely adorable when after I called her silly she said, "Mama, don't call me silly. It hurts my feelings. I'm 4. Maybe when I'm 5, I'll be silly." She'll be 5 next month.

And Billy, Will, Emma, and I did NOT break out in random dance parties several times this week, just because, well, they're fun!

Also, I did not have a dream that 2 of my kids were not at home and I, forgetting that the 3rd child was napping, went and got in the car and started to drive away until I realized I had forgotten the one napping. I did not think, while awake, "That will have to go in my Not Me! Monday post." and then realize that I didn't actually DO the thing that I DID NOT do. Huh?

Does that even make sense?

...I most definitely did not just confuse my own self...

I think I will not go to bed now:)

Daddy, will you carry me?

I love music. Music speaks to me. Music encourages me. Music draws me into worship. And music often reminds me of who I am in Christ.

Right now I'm lovin' the song "Free To Be Me" by Francesca Battistelli.

‘Cause I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to fit the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
On my own I'm so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I'm free to be me

The chorus of this song reminds me that I don't need to be perfect (and in fact I never will be). Without my dents, without my rips, without my cracks, would I recognize my enormous need for Him, my Savior? I'm like a piece of pottery that has been broken and pieced back together. You still might see my cracks and my flaws, but hopefully more than anything you see Jesus, the glue, that has made me whole again.

I just need to let Him take me cracks and all and use me how I am and where I'm at.

I'm free to be me.
Free to be who I am in Christ.
A sinner. Saved. Redeemed.

And hopefully along the way more of Jesus will be seen and less of the sinful me. To HIS glory.

And if I will just let my Daddy carry me on His shoulders through this life, along the way I might not get quite so tired and weary and I just might see things a little clearer...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Please don't strike ME out.

I wanted this post to be really creative. You know the ones. Those that are written by those people that just know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it with flair! (people = MckMama, BooMama, Big Mama, etc. hmmm. Maybe I need to change my blogging name to something with "mama" in it...) But I was tired of looking at my own blog with the same Not Me! Monday post that's been at the top for who knows how long. oh wait. Since Monday. Anyway, even as I'm typing I really have no clue as to what I should blog about. So, in all reality, you all probably are going to be wishing that I just left well enough alone. Too bad. There's no turning back now.

So what's inside my brain right now, is what you're going to get.

WAIT, don't go!!! I know it's a scary prospect, but I promise I won't talk about moldy toilets and make mention of my underwear or post pictures of them for that matter. And being that it's 8:30pm on the Friday of a very long week, there shouldn't be much in there anyhow.

You can let out a sigh of relief now.

Now, on to the randomness that is called "my thoughts"....

and because I love lists.... (I KNOW that I'm weird.)

1) I'm thinking that instead of writing this ridiculous post, I should be putting away the scads of crap, I mean household items (ahem) that are laying about the house from our recent move. Because I really don't want to still be living out of boxes and piles for the next 6 months and look back and say, "WHAT have you been doing, that would explain why you're still not settled into your new place? Oh. I've been blogging. And not very good blogging, I might add."

2) With my husband gone on a men's retreat for the next few days, I am planning every time slot of this weekend with what me and my 3 little blessings will do to keep us occupied, the kids entertained, and me sane. Because it makes perfect sense to have a plan that will be followed, when you have 3 kids. One of which is a beautiful but whiny, screechy 4 year old girl you sometimes still needs naps, another who is the adorable 1 1/2 year old third child (I think we all know what that means) who sometimes takes 2 naps, sometimes takes 1 nap, and sometimes gets cat naps in the car, and another, the funny and vivacious 7 year old boy who could run 100 laps around the neighborhood and would still have enough energy to drive his brother, sister, and me completely mad ask me 100 questions, one on top of the other without waiting for the answer to any of them. (You know I love 'em.)

3) I am now thinking of what else I can write and then strike out, since I love this "skill" I just recently acquired. (because it IS a skill for those of us computer dumb people out here!)

4) I am trying to decide what my "ban-the-computer" day will be each week. I'm in agreement with Meredith, that I just might find more of my dishes clean and in the cupboards, my laundry clean, folded and put away, kids dressed in real clothes (not pajamas), and that, overall, more of my "To Do" lists, well, done, if I just send my computer mouse to work with the hubby for the day. So there you go.

5) I am still trying to find the time to put together that frugal blog I was talking about. AND feeling a little intimidated by the process, because there are tons of awesome frugal blogs already out there and what do I know?

6) I am also SERIOUSLY craving all things bad for me right now. Oh... like, chips and salsa and this Velveeta Rotel dip we make, chocolate (any dark variety will do), Chinese food, the Sweet Spicy Mac & Cheese from Deschutes Brewery (my favorite! but I think a few of you already knew that:)), the fish 'n chips from Red Dog Brewery, and a....ok, I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I have to be honest...a margarita. I can't help it, I love the taste of them!

I'm sure I could come up with a 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, but I'll end the torture now.

You're welcome.

Now I'm off to scrub floors, wipe down walls, sweep out the garage, vacuum out the couch cushions snack on some low-fat popcorn while I watch a super sappy chick flick.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Just last night I did not hear my lovely daughter, Emma, say in her prayers , "Dear Jesus, Thank you for cereal for dinner, because I don't like the other dinners." Ha! Wonderful.

And I do not have the most minuscule but painful burn on my knuckle, because I stupidly touched the inside of a pan that, of course, was on and blazing hot. That would not be practicing safe stove handling procedures. So, I would definitely not do that.

You also would NOT have seen me, basketball mom newbie, on the side of the court flailing about on my chair when my adorable 1st grader was playing his second game ever and would almost score. Definitely not me. Crazy lady.

I most definitely DID NOT let our bathroom toilet at the apartment "go" to the point of MOLD growing inside of it because I was too busy getting ready for the move and I had other more important things to do, and I figured in a few days we wouldn't be living there anyway (and to my defense - it happens really quickly!). And I absolutely would NEVER admit to having done that, especially on my blog for the whole world to read. ...because, seriously, that would just be gross. Period.

My hubby and I would never have acted like, um...giddy school girls, just because our family of 5 is now living in a HOUSE, instead of an apartment.

And we were not ecstatic that

1) we could wash our own cars in our driveway

2) I actually had the counter space to put a nickle on

3) we could sleep without the sound of "spaz boy" riding his bike above us

4) hey-I forgot something in my car and hey-I don't need to walk to the other side of the complex where my car is parked to get it.

5) we could send the kids out to play in the fenced back yard on these super sunny, relatively warm days

6) we could walk around in the kitchen without bumping into one another's fat pockets

7) I could fit all our clothes in our closet

8) we didn't hear the tornado flush of the toilet from the people upstairs because hey-we reeeeally don't need to know EVERY time they gotta go.

9) we could all enter our home together without falling all over each other in the "entry" way.

10) we could smoothly drive up to our house open the garage door and drive in without "bouncing" our way in over a dozen speed bumps.

11) we can now easily access ALL sides of our dining table.

12) and most importantly that we're paying just a smidgen more to have all these luxuries!

And our family is certainly not completely and utterly amazed, blessed, humbled, and beyond grateful that God allowed us this gift of this house, even though we feel so undeserving. Nope, not us.:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will says...

...completely out of the blue...
"Mommy, did you know Lincoln's tummy looks cute?"

(Yes, it certainly does. Now, why can't mine be known as "cute"?)
Don't worry. I really DO NOT need an anwer to that. I think I have an idea...and it's totally worth it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

My 30+ year old brain is definitely NOT having a hard time remembering all the things that I most assuredly did not do this week. Because, quite honestly, I refuse to believe that it all starts to go when you turn 30, despite what my mind, body, metabolism, and such are telling me.

I am definitely not giddy with excitement over the premier of American Idol this week! Because I DO NOT have a slight addiction to this show and the hilariously bad auditions and the amazing singing that takes place.

And I would NEVER have hit the ceiling of our apartment this week with a stick so as to "ask" the people upstairs to stop letting their 1 solitary 3 year old spaz little boy ride his bike through the apartment over and over again for almost an hour and then proceed to jump off every possible piece of furniture they own while holding 50 lb weights in each hand as to make the sound seem like the walls and ceiling of our apartment were going to come falling down around our heads, all while Lincoln is trying to take his nap. This definitely does not happen on a daily basis after having NOT gone upstairs 4 separate times and politely asked them to not have him do that at least during the hours of 10pm-3am...oh yes he does!

I absolutely do not now cringe when I'm at the store and an item is not less than a dollar or free after all my discounts and coupons. I'm not getting spoiled with the awesome deals I've been able to score!

And I most definitely am not MORTIFIED by the piles upon piles of clutter and laundry that I've allowed to accumulate around the house (especially in my bedroom). I'm way too much of a control clean freak to let THAT happen! aaahhhh!

And I most definitely am NOT posting this picture of Lincoln that I did not take of him after he found my underwear and decided to wear it...around his neck? Does that say something about the size of my thighs???? and I will not blog about it too, just because it was crazy funny that he was so proud of himself and wanted me to tell him how "pretty" he was! (I'm sure you all really did NOT want to know and see this!)

Now, I think we've had enough of my crazy confessions for one day, thankyouverymuch.

So, don't be shy!
Join in the fun at My Charming Kids...

For Today...

FOR TODAY January 12th, 2009...

Outside my window...A blanket of fog, a little rain, not too cold.

I am thinking... that God is faithful even when we are not.

I am thankful for... old friendships that are being renewed daily.

I am trust.

From the kitchen... dishes and a menu plan that needs to be done for this week.

I am wearing... black pants, gray shirt, and striped socks.

I am frugal living, deal getting, couponing blog, and my Not Me! Monday post for later today.

I am make time to spend some individual time with each of my kids this week.

I am reading...not enough, in my opinion.

I am have some huge debt paid off in the next year.

I am hearing...the adorable chattering and laughter of my Lincs!

Around the house...way more clutter than I am comfortable with:)

One of my favorite things...after nap time cuddles with my kids when they're still a little sleepy, and I just get to touch, rub and kiss them all I want.

A few plans for the rest of the week: another fun basketball game for Will, meet with my friend over coffee and our book, a sleepover party for Will, premier of American Idol:), some exercise, cleaning our new rental, some packing...a busy week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

A picture my dad took of Will at his 1st Upward Basketball game!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Surprise New Year's Visitors

The Norris family has done it again! Surprise, we're coming! ...I think they like us a little bit. And, man, do we love our friends the Norris'.

Billy had to work Friday, so for the sake of everyone's sanity in a tiny apartment with 10 people (ok, mostly my sanity...I was having one of THOSE days. Sorry guys!), we head off to our awesome children's museum, A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village.(Thanks to Papa and Mimi for this timely gift!) We had a blast, the kids got some pent-up energy out, and we didn't have to pad our apartment walls for it to happen!
1 of the 4 beautiful old houses that make up the museum.
Playing outside on the literally GINORMOUS play structure. 3 stories tall enclosed twisty slide. That's all you need to know!
My FAVORITE picture from our time together!

Trying to surround herself with a huge bubble!

...and more bubbles.

Can you tell we spent A LOT of our time in the bubble room?

Sitting and standing in the REALLY big chair on the porch.
Saturday we had "Gregness" for breakfast, of course!

Gregness: (noun) - where by "someone" looks in your kitchen (because you have joyfully and willingly handed it over for the time that he is there:)) takes things that YOU would have never thought to put together, puts a dash of this, and a pinch of that, and there by creates a masterpiece of finger-lickin', gourmet food to stuff our bellies with!

...and fun was had by all!

Please Respond!

Ok peeps.

I need some advice.

You know I'm trying to put together a frugal living, debt reduction, couponing, recipe blog:) But what I can't decide is if I should do a whole separate blog or just incorporate it into my current one. What do ya all think? (ya all??? What?'s so cute when my grandma says it!)

One....Two....Three....GO! ...leave a comment:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

By the way...

Just a little heads up ~ I've got a little something in the works....

Another blog. This blog will be completely dedicated to sharing some of the frugal things I've learned these past several months plus I'll share yummy recipes that have been tested and tried!

Just thought you should know:)

Drum Roll Please!

You know those little blogger awards you see on the sidebar of some people's blogs? Well, I never thought I would be cool enough to get one;) (and truthfully, I don't know much about them anyway!)

Well, it just so happens that someone thinks I'm "all-right"! Phoebe, gave me 2 bloggy awards! Woo Hoo! My first ever! Thanks Phoebe! You need to check out her frugal blog, Cents To Get Debt-Free. It's become one of my favorites where I find encouragement in frugal living, paying down debt, etc., etc., and she's become a good "bloggin' friend" and fellow "twitterer"!

The Lemonade Award is to go to 10 bloggers who show attitude or gratitude.
(or in my own interpretation who ALSO when handed lemons, make Lemonade!)

And, the Kreativ Blogger, tells me to list 6 things that I am grateful for and pass it along to 6 other bloggers.But, I'm going to follow Phoebe's lead and instead of finding 16 bloggers, I'm going to pass both to 10 bloggers.

Before I pass these along I'll be listing 6 things I'm grateful for. Just 6? Which to choose?

  1. My Rock. The Lifter of my head. My Strength. My Provider. My Salvation. My King. My Lord. My Father. My Friend. My Redeemer. My Savior. With Him, I would be nothing. He lovingly shapes and molds me everyday. He "saves" me from myself. I owe Him my life, He gave me life, He is my Life.

  2. My husband. My best friend. My love. The one who puts up with me. The one who sees ALL my flaws and still loves me. The one who is journeying through this earthly life with me. The one who is the most wonderful daddy.

  3. My babies. I can't imagine life without any one of them. They are each special in their own way. I can't believe God has entrusted them to me. They teach ME everyday. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my babies you'll be.

  4. Family. They still love you when you're the most unlovely. They would do anything to help or show their love for you. They are God's chosen support system. There are not words to express what place they have in our hearts. We love you.

  5. Good friends. New, old, and renewed. How sad to go through life without the kind of friends that support you, encourage you, love you, cry with you, rejoice with you, give of themselves to you. Somewhere it's said that, "Friendship is the giving and taking of hurts...". That is so true. We love you.

  6. Those people - strangers, friends, and family - that allow God to use them to bless others. We have been showered in this lately and we are truly, forever grateful. People giving to those in need. No questions asked. We are often speechless. Just know how it has made our hearts overflow. It is appreciated.

  7. I'm putting a 7th...shhhh, don't tell:) I couldn't leave out my bloggy friends that I've "met" over these last several months. Those I actually communicate with and those that I just "visit" because they are so inspiring or funny and I know they have way too many followers to follow little ole me:) I love reading your blogs. They often bring a smile, a tear, or an inspiration. There's a reason I come back.

Now to pay these little awards forward! See someone you don't know? Visit their blog and find out why I thought they deserved an award!

Chelan @ Chelan Rene' Russ

MckMama @ My Charming Kids

Kristin @ Stepping Heavenward

N5forHim @ The Adventure

Brandi @ Brandi's Blog

Angie @ Bring The Rain

Gayle @ The Grocery Cart Challenge

Amanda @ A Thousand Words

Karyn @ A Beautiful Mess

Nikki @ Our Oh So Crazy Life...

I COULD have given this to probably 10 more people (those who already ahve blogs, I'll catch ya on the next go around). Seriously. However, some of those people don't have blogs and some are just getting started. So this is your encouragment to get movin'!

If you didn't see your name this time around, don't despair! Since, I've discovered how wonderful it is to give and receive these, I think I just might have to do this semi-regularly!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Girlfriend Getaway

My friend, Jenny, received from her husband a trip to the beach for her birthday/Christmas present. And I was the blessed girl that got to go along! Thank you Greg and Jenny!

We spent our time....deciding what to do with all our time:) Ha! I guess that comes with being in shock that we actually had NO RESPONSIBILITIES. No family to cook, clean, pickup for. No children to dress, feed, read to, and play with. No dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, multitasking. Sound heavenly? It was. We just couldn't figure out what to do with ourselves! We wanted to do it all! We wanted to see and do everything we could. We wanted to relax and read a book. We wanted to watch a girly movie. We wanted to walk on the beach. We wanted to take silly pictures.

We did end up doing some of those fun things, but mostly I just remember being able to talk. A lot. Without interruptions. About life, kids, being wives, parenting, God, friendships, hurts, goals...and the list could go on. It was good. Real good. And I know it was just what I needed to recharge and come back a better Mama. Let's do it again someday, OK?

...and, of course, a big huge "Thank you!" to our hubbies and my mom for being "mama" in our absence.