Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mission ImPossible

Several months ago we were approached about the opportunity to go on a family summer missions trip with others from our church.

I spent a bit of time mulling over why this wasn't the "best time for us" to go.

There were the selfish reasons: The cost, the money we'll need to raise, the vacation time the hubby will need to take, and the fact that this mission trip WILL be our vacation for the summer.

There were other reasons: Lincoln is still so young. What use will I be if I'm just looking after him the whole time? Will our children behave?

But really, these were silly selfish reasons too.

And I'm tired of being selfish. We spend our days looking out for numero uno most of the time. My husband goes to his job to support our needs. I spend my days trying to stay sane raise up my children and nurture them. I keep our house. Sometimes not very well. We have our kids involved in Kid's Club at church. There's Children's church, baseball, swim lessons, football, basketball, Men's and Women's Bible studies, weekend getaways, trips to the beach, working in our yard, keeping up with our shows, etc etc etc. None of which are bad, but when I look at our lives I realize how self-centered we live. Oh sure. We give and serve at our church, pray for others, try to practice hospitality, but what are we doing to reach the LOST?? Are we concerned for other's salvation like we should be? Do we willingly and freely give of our time and resources? Do we reach out to our neighbors? Do we live out our joy so those around us can see it? What more would God have us do?

We're still learning to listen to Him on that one. We're praying for soft hearts, eyes that really see, and ears that truly hear the "world" He has placed us in.

But for now, we took our fingers out of our ears and stopped "na-na-naing" know that God wants us to pack up our family and go, trusting Him to supply what we need. We know He will!!

In a couple of months we're gonna head out into the backwoods of Oregon where all manner of creepy crawly things reside. Where instead of towns running into towns, itty bitty towns run into nothingness which than leads to another itty bitty town. Where the kiddos don't have the same opportunities as bigger city kiddos have. Where we can serve as a family and try to be Jesus in the skin to those He will put in our paths.

We're not going far...physically. But I sure hope God takes me (us) far...spiritually. I want (us) to be stretched. I want (us) to be His hands and feet. And I know He can do that right here in The Oregon Mission Field, just as much as He could do that if we went to Mexico or Africa or Papua New Guinea.

I'm excited! We're see what God will do in our lives and in the lives of others.

So here we are, Lord. Use us. Change us.

And my dear bloggy friends, will you pray for us?!


Mighty M said...

Oh yes!

It sounds like such an exciting journey!!

Amanda Perko said...

So very exciting for you guys and YES we will pray and how very very important to be able to reach out to people right here in our own state that need Him. You know, I just told a 20 year old the story of the cross, the life of David...she'd never heard of David & Golliath! This nation needs His hands and feet! Xciting, Cath!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I totally get this. My husband has been praying about some really BIG things that would require us to step out in faith if they come to pass. Scares me. But also makes me want to do more with my life too. (Make sense?)

Anyway, YES. I will pray. Sounds exciting, Cathy!

whimzie said...

What a neat opportunity for your family! I'm hoping we'll have a chance to do missions as a family soon.

I know that this will be a special time that you will look back on and treasure forever. And of COURSE I'll pray for you!

Looking forward to hearing all about it after it happens!

Connie said...

I'm so excited for you! We really wanted to go too. But it looks like next year for us! I will pray!

Family of 5 said...

Thanks for speaking your heart! Praying for you with getting out of your comfort zone and trusting God through it all! God is so good and will use your family in amazing ways through this missions' trip...Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

Acker Family said...

How exciting for your family!! We'll be praying for you guys and that hears will be changed through this new experience!!

runninggal said...

Go Cathy and gang. Can't wait to hear what God does through you all!!

Blessings and prayers!

Carpool Queen said...

It's going to make such an impression on your kiddos to serve as a family. I'm really excited for y'all as you take this step.

Kellie said...

ITs very exciting! Cna't wait to here what God does on this trip!