Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Buddy Turns 7!!!!!

****Oh and forgot to include in the story below that my loving husband trying to be so helpful while I was in labor ran over my toes with a rolling stool and then later after my epidural, proceeded to sit on my catheter!! I still get a good laugh out of that one!

Yes, that's Will!

The day was September 1st, 2001, a month before my due date. I had been put on home rest a week earlier due to high blood pressure and the beginnings of protein in my ....:) You know the whole, "you don't have to stay in bed all the time, but try not to do too much." What? Have they ever heard of nesting???? And I was still 4 weeks away and still had VERY important things to do, like wash the baby clothes and put them away, etc., etc.:) The 1st we went down to the hospital for a routine non-stress test (NST) and we never came back home. We had nothing with us and weren't prepared mentally. It had went from concerning to worse and it was either stay in the hospital, for who knows how long, or have this baby. We were having this baby! They tried the first couple of steps to get me going, but that didn't do a thing. So, they moved on to Pitocin, and it started me off immediately with STEADY contractions. Meanwhile, I had been put on Magnesium Sulfate to control my blood pressure which was not doing good. By the way, one of the worst drugs EVER. The Mag. made me throw up and blurred my vision so I couldn't see very well! I spent the next 12 hours in this state. Unable to see, vomiting, steady, painful contractions with almost NO progress. By the time we reached that 12 hour mark I was finally dilated enough to get an epidural. In my mind I thought, a little relief, maybe I can sleep! It wasn't meant to be, I guess, my blood pressure cuff kept me awake, going off every 15 minutes and my epidural on one side wasn't working too well. Did I mention that I was in labor on Labor Day? How appropriate! The day holds a whole different meaning for me now! By the way, they also give Mag. to people who go into early labor, to STOP their contractions. Hmmm...do you think that was to my advantage?? The Mag. and the Pitocin working against one another:) But 25 hours and one vacuum later, it was ALL worth it! William Conner was born September 2nd at 3:30pm and weighed in at 5 pounds 14.6 ounces and was 18 inches long! Not too bad for being a month early! When I finally got to hold my precious boy the past 25 hours completely left my mind. A few hours after birth he ended up with an I.V. in his tiny little arm to help with a low blood sugar problem and then spent another 7 days in the special care nursery under the billirubin lights for some bad jaundice. I bawled my eyes out as I held his hand through the opening of the bed and watched him so little, so dependent, with his little "sunglasses" on. Harder than labor was having to leave the hospital w/o my baby. We were able to stay in a closet of a room in an older part of the hospital, but had to leave to eat and go home to shower, etc. So many emotions in such a short span of time. I am still amazed at how that little 5 pound miracle has completely changed our lives forever. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you with all my heart, Will, and I'm so glad God chose you for my son!

And that's my baby #1 story.

P.S. I wish I had a way to put a newborn pic of him on here! Sadly, we were still using regular film and putting the pics on cds at the time and I don't have a scanner. I really need one! So all these pics are right around 1 year of age.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving Day

August 18th. No rain for weeks until that day. I guess it was only fitting since 3 years ago when we moved to Central Oregon we were welcomed with a monsoon, and I guess she decided to send us off with a few sprinkles. It actually cooled it off just right.

Our friends the Kuhlman's were our lifesavers that day. A huge blessing from God. They drove out to our place in the early morning, dropped off Michael to help pack and then Kristin took all 3 of my children back to her house! What a woman!! What wonderful friends!! My sanity was saved! And Michael become our master U-Haul packer, since he has done it, oh, just a few times:)

Overall, it was a pretty smooth move. Thank you Lord. And, again, thank you sooo much to the Kuhlmans and our babysitter Mo and her dad and his whole work crew who came to help load up.
Leaving Central Oregon....
Hello Valley....
Hello apartment living....

Standing at my front door:)
Lincoln helping unpack!
We are now valley-dwellers!

***I keep forgetting to put things in my posts-sheesh! I can not leave out the big thanks for the people on the other end. My mom took the kids so I could be hands free and my Dad came over to help unpack, along with our wonderful friends the Blairs, the Woods, and David all of which we are excited about being able to see more!!


Ok, since it's been soooo long since I've been able to post, I have a lot of catch up to do. And because I feel so out of practice in blogging it will probably be with more pictures than words:) My brain just does not want to think creatively right now!

So, waaaay back in August, the night before the big move, we decided to take a much needed break and hang out with our friends the Braatens. We all headed out to Prineville Reservoir for a little evening swim.

Love the grin AND the hair, Aspen!What's she doing with her leg???

Of course the highlight for Will and Emma was their little water fight with Karyn:)

Friday, September 26, 2008


...of upcoming excessive blogging.

I'm back! It's been waaay too long.

My poor husband says, "I've lost you haven't I?"

Oh, don't feel too sorry for him, we threw in cable that we haven't had in years and he's in there drooling all over the crazy amounts of sports channels that he now has access too:)

I have A LOT of catch up to do....must go download all the pics from the last month and a half off of my camera and on to my computer now.