Friday, January 21, 2011

he says, she says

Don't look now but I'm posting 2 days in a row.

On a recent trip where we drove over a mountain range we were in need of "a facility". So we pulled into a snow park where we were greeted by a lovely vault toilet (aka outhouse aka a stinky hole in the ground). I usually avoid these like the plague but when nature's calling and there's 4 foot snow drifts in all the usual hiding spots, what's a family with 3 small (shorter than 4 ft) children to do...

So I pull myself up by my fancy slippers (travel wear), take a quick breath, and escort my darling daughter to the "ladies room". Where she says..."Eew! This bathroom must be really from the 1980's."

Flash forward to last night...

After creating a gourmet meal serving up Little Caesars on paper towels, we were discussing the classic show that I had found on Netflix for the kids to watch - Pippi Longstocking. I was telling them that I used to watch Pippi when I was little girl and loved it. I can tell Will is thinking something by the way he turns his head to the side and glances at the ceiling, then he says... "I didn't think they had TVs back then."

Just when I was thinking that I wasn't young but I wasn't old either, I was just a good in between...apparently I was mistaken.

Yesterday after dropping the olders off at school Lincoln informs me that he wanted to go to his school. I remind my sweet boy that he doesn't go to school yet, but when he, in all seriousness, says that he does and I ask him where, he says... "At the taco place for dogs."

I had no response.

Now don't go thinking this posting 2 days in row thing will become a regular occurence...I'm too old for that...and too busy taking 3 year olds to the taco place for dogs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just call me Hallmark

I took this photo of Billy and I on a recent getaway to the beach and thought it was perfect...

So, I made a Valentine's Day card at Shutterfly. (FREE if you enter CARD4U at checkout. You're welcome.)

Since I'm pretty confident the hubs won't see it and I'm certain y'all will keep your lips sealed, I decided to document the fact that I DO still get my semi-creative on every once in a blue moon.

(The inside reads "My heart wouldn't be complete without you. Happy Valentine's Day, my Love." I love a good eye-rolling-oh-brother pun.)

Brocade Red 5x7 folded card
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And it only took me how many months to post again??