Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Fankfuls for Friday

I got the idea of "Fankful Friday" from my friend, Gretchen. I like to steal good ideas.

I don't think she minds.

Then I added the "Five" and "for". Cause I like alliteration and numbered lists.

And I might be a little OCD.

Five Fankfuls for Friday

1) I'm fankful for Weight Watchers...for it's program that encourages healthy choices, moderation in special treats, no specific restrictions and exercise. I'm also fankful for my renewed motivation and determination to get healthier and in turn skinnier and more comfortable in "real" clothes again.

And by "real" clothes I mean something other then yoga pants.

2) This week I'm fankful for newish friends reaching out to me.  I've been feeling a little lonely lately and it's really nice to be the one reached out to instead of having to do the reaching out.

Sounds selfish but it's the truth.

3) Fankful for a day off this past Monday and that we live close enough to the coast that we can spontaneously jump in the car and head over for the day. And an extra bonus: It was gorgeous, warm and sunny there and that was much needed after the week of thick fog our town was experiencing.

4) Fankful for Pinterest.

Is that too shallow?

While I do enjoy wasting spending unknown amounts of time on there laughing at ecards, coveting dream homes, dreaming of the day I'll be skinnier enough to wear those cute outfits, I also get some amazing parenting ideas and lots of yummy recipes to make this healthy eating a little more interesting.

5) Fankful for these guys:
I'm pretty sure no explanation is necessary...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

a glimpse...

outside my window... a cold night which makes me ever grateful for our sweet, little rental house in our safe neighborhood.

i'm thankful for... generous friends who loaned us a car that would fit our family of 5 while our van's transmission was being rebuilt and for a brother of a coworker who has rebuilt transmissions for 20 years who agreed to do it AND to except payments for  his good work.

i am learning... that I haven't always been a great friend, mom, wife, daughter, sister, etc, etc. But also learning how to be better in those areas. Thank you, Jesus.

from the kitchen... my new milk frother from my MIL. It makes my foo foo creamer yummier and frothier. Duh.

i am wearing... comfy over-sized pajama pants and my summer mission trip t-shirt.

i am creating... a few things from Pinterest. Hopefully they are not Pintrocities.

i am going... to start Weight Watchers again this week. Something needs to give...preferably my weight.

i am reading... my Bible...much in the book of James. Some times I think I should cut my own tongue out.'s taken me forever to get my hands on the 3rd book. Made to Crave...reading it again actually. Best "diet" book I've read EVAH.

i am hoping... to stay motivated. Period.

i am hearing...  The Biggest Loser on the TV.   I am eating a bowl of ice cream. The irony is not lost on me...

around the house... spots on my carpet, crumbs on my floor, dirt on the walls, laundry piled high, dirty dishes and bathrooms...and I wouldn't change any of it since it means my family of 5 is here, together, and healthy.

one of my favorite things... my iPad. Yes, I'm shallow like that. Best.purchase.of.2012.

a few plans for the rest of the week... basketball, basketball and more basketball thanks to 3 cute kids.  Subbing for a Bunko group. Woohoo! And I will torture myself exercise. There I said it. It's in writing. That will help, right???

a picture thought i am sharing with you...

I took this in the rain forest exhibit at California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. God's creation is so stinkin' amazing!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Should old acquaintance be forgot???

I think NOT.

Or so my best intentions thinks.

I don't do New Years resolutions. But for auld lang syne let's see if I can't be a better friend to ye olde blog.

And what's the easiest way to start back up then to not mince words but simply post a picture of cute kids to entice you...

...and that's how this family rolls.