Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're all in this together...

I've been a little busier than normal this past week. I know you were wondering. Instead of running around in 847 different directions, I've been running around in 1,290 ones.

This week was the official start of RockSalt for our kids. It replaces Awana at our church. Good stuff.

This week was the kickoff of Women's Discipleship. I'll be studying the book of John. I'm so excited for this time. Good stuff.

We had football practice, choir practice, I met with a mentor, and tonight is Back To School Night. All good stuff.

And along with all these "usuals", I had the honor and privilege to show this lovey lady around town and teach her the lay of the land.

Isn't she a beauty? Meet my hubby's cousin...well, more like a sister really. Tia, as I will refer to her since that's what my kiddos call her, has come to live with us for a little while. She moved up here to go to school, find work, and establish residency before attending the more expensive if you live out of state bigger university near by.

Since we don't have any extra rooms in our house, Emma graciously gave up hers. I'm not exaggerating when I say she was thrilled to let Tia have her room to live in for a time. She's as happy as a clam in the bottom bunk of the boy's room, and the only issue we're having is that those pesky StarWars guys keep leaving their lightsabers laying around Barbie's house. It's best just to get used to it, dears.

The fact that Tia is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, is giving, sweet, a wonderful helper and great with the kids, just makes her a joy to be around.

Bonus: She comes bringing a plethora of girly, teeny, musical movies. Oh yeah. I've got a built in "Girl's Night In" when.ever.I.want!!! We're talking someone who, instead of rolling their eyes when asked if they would like to watch High School Musical, Pride & Prejudice, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Hannah Montana, Legally Blond, Anne of Green Gables, or Gone With The Wind for the hundredth time, will gleefully answer "YES!" and even join in when I jump up off the couch to pop it, lock it, polka dot it...

So we're pleased as punch to have her living here! We're praying she continues to feel God's peace about her move, praying for guidance, a job, His will to be revealed and for a close group of godly friends who will encourage her, spur her on, and support her.

We also pray that our crazy family won't drive her crazy...that she'll always be able to find her shoes after Linc's has traipsed them all over kingdom come, that her pillow will always be free of little people snot and slobber, that she will never discover the mice have been playing in her makeup (and by mice, I mean Emma...or Lincoln.), that she will never be walked in on taking a shower or changing her clothes, and that most of all that she will always know how much we love her and value her...even when we're all running around in our 1,290 different directions.

Because family is just...good stuff.

ALL of them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The second day week of second grade & the Garden where I guess they grow the olives Kinders

So, in good mom form, after missing posting about Will's first day WEEK of 2nd grade, I decided the world wouldn't end if I posted his first day of school photo during his second week of school. But before I do I wanted to share a little ditty with you all (Since we've already established that I often times think in terms of songs and music.) so you too can have Bob and Larry repeating over and over through your pretty little heads. You're welcome.

Now Billy Joe McGuffrey was a really clumsy kid
On the second day of second grade, I'll tell you what he did
He slipped on a banana peel, flew up in the sky
Landed on a chimpanzee who poked him in the eye

First aid in the second grade
First aid in the second grade
First aid in the second grade
You could buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid

(For those who are not edjucated in all things's from "Jonah".)

Yes. This is what I found myself humming as we hoofed it over to the school. There were no banana peels in site, but a good old sidewalk curb will work in a pinch. Which is exactly what took Will down. I'm happy to report that he did.not. land on a chimpanzee, nor did one poke him in the eye. Phew.

I do score mom points for getting these 1st day of school pics:

I realize that now that you've actually seen them, those points might be retracted. I'm sure none of you would ever in a million years point out that I let my son leave for school with crazy hair, the likes of which can not be blamed on cowlicks. So I'll point it out for you. In my defense it's not like I don't have 3,286 things on my mind and on my "To Do" list. And truthfully, I thought his hair was still looking just fine...until we were walking out the door with no time to do anything about it. But still.... Aside from that and the fact that I waited until the night before school started to get supplies (Sold out. Who needs 40 glue sticks anyway?), the first and second week have started off swimmingly. We like his teacher. He has a new (good, we've heard) principal. I have a son who still LOVES going. I have a son who gets giddy with excitement over library check-out day. I have a son who I've seen be tender and sweet with the special ed children. I have a son who would eat cafeteria cheese pizza if I let him.... and the just-rolled-out-of-bed hair he's sportin' in NO WAY takes away from how incredibly HANDSOME this boy of mine is. And that's all I have to say about that.

As far as that little girl who headed off to the Garden of Kinders this week??? I had geared myself up to be all weepy and thinky, but when it came time I realized that she's done this 1/2 day of school before. She thrives in it actually, and a sweet lady from our church is the assistant in her class. So I was tearless. Now, next year when she heads off to full days in the 1st grade (hearing that song again) get ready to send me boxes of Kleenex.

Isn't she just the cutest??

So I'm doing good with having a big 2nd grader and kindergartner or maybe I'm just in denial...but whatever it is, it just feels right to be back into the the routine of things...Lincoln might have a different opinion, though, because I'm pretty sure he's missin' him some sissy pretty fierce...

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's my life.

Not really sure what's going on around here...

Half nekkid baseball?

Skunks on the loose?

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can...sorry, got lost in the moment. My brain often thinks in terms of songs and music.
Knee pads on shins and whiskers on kittens...see what I mean.

Jedi Masters, Anakin, the Emperor, or whatever the heck it is...And now all I have going through my head is "Duuuuh DUH duh.duh.duh. DUUUH duh. Duh.duh.duh DUUUH duh. Duh duh duh duuuuh.".
Well, I quit my job down at the car wash
I left my mama a goodbye note.
By sundown I'd left Kingston Oregon
With my guitar under my coat buns?

It's that swingin' little guitar man.

(I'm not gonna lie. I googled "take guitar" to find an appropriate song to sum up the look of "Don't you dare take my guitar" that Linc's has on his face. Much to my surprise it wasn't a Country Geetar song. It was Elvis. I do love me some Elvis every once in awhile.)

So...whatever is going on around here, it sure is strange. (Kind of like this post.)Then again, it just may be normal. For us. You may be right, we may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic you're lookin' for...

If so, you came to the right place. Because it's my life. It's now or never....

I couldn't go out in a blaze of glory without a little Bon Jovi.

I'm a nerd.

I'll stop.

I've bored you, my lovely readers, long enough...think I'll just beat it. Ahem. My token tribute to MJ....

Have I mentioned I'm a nerd. And weird.
And random.
And that I started this post July 31st and it's just been sitting here, unpublished. Perhaps with good reason.

I'm done.

Friday, September 11, 2009

10 on the 10th - Favorites of Fall

**Yes, I realize it's now the 11th. But I started this post on the 10th. Does that count?

I always enjoy Meredith's little meme because it encourages my procrastination of finishing already started blog posts gives me something different and interesting to blog about using a list format. Cause I'm anal like that.

I love fall. I could fill line after line with the reasons I love fall, but I'll keep it to a respectable "10".

1~ The apple cider donuts from various local orchards. 'Nuff said.

2~ Clear blue skies (Oregon actually has beautiful Septembers), crisp, new, cool, fresh air, the color of the falling leaves. God's paintbrush working overtime.

3~ The Pumpkin Patch and ALL that entails. So many memories. So much fun.
(Yes, that last photo is our 1st baby. Sigh.)

4~ Pumpkin Roll. Which tastes even better when eaten with coffee and good friends....

5~ Change in wardrobe. Cause I'm tired of the 3 over-washed, now-pilly outfits I alternate between for the summer.

6~ Back to school - The newness and novelty of it. You know...before the newness and novelty wear off and it becomes the daily grind.

7~ Thanksgiving. Cause it promises time with family...whether here at home or in another state. And turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce (the one shaped like the can. Cause that's what I like. Don't judge.), Stove Top (Yes, from a box. Although I hear tell the dressing my Arkansas Grandma makes outshines Stove Top by a hundred miles.), and, of course, the pecan, pumpkin, and apple pies. And football. And the Macy's day parade. And shopping with the ladies. And great Christmas movies like "White Christmas", "It's A Wonderful Life", "Mircle on 34th St." and the classics "Elf" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". And... just thought I'd add one more sentence that started with "and".

8~ Christmas music. There's just something about it. We seem to start listening to it earlier and earlier with each passing year. The hubs would listen year around if I let him. Some faves around here: Avalon, Michael W. Smith, City on a Hill, Moriah Carey(even though I don't like her so much anymore.), Josh Groban, Rat Pack Christmas, and I know I'm missing some. What are your favorites? We'd love to add to our library!

9~ The Great Christmas Tree Hunt. With pockets full of mint, regular, and peanut M&Ms. I LOVE getting down the tubs of Christmas decorations from the attic...or should I say Billy loves doing it for me. (And I never use sarcasm either.) I can't tell you how excited I am this year to be out of a teeny apartment and into a house where I can actually pull out ALL my Christmas decorations. Because Fall means....Christmas is coming!

10~ And THIS fall...a MIRL that I am over the moon about. Can.not.wait.

So there you have it. I said I would stop at 10 and stop I must. Because those other unfinished posts will NEVER be published if I use up my written word allotment for the day.

And since there are so many more reasons to love fall (like pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple cider, snuggling up w/ your kids under a blanket...) share in your comment some of your faves of the season! I insist!

No, really.

Please? Thank you. (See? I do have manners!:P)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm in a slump.

And the blogger in me really wanted to come up with a creative way to say "I'm in a slump". But...I'm in a slump.

I sit down to blog and get up within 10 minutes time having written nothing. Slump.

I try to find the words to talk about my baby turning 8 years old last week, but none are to be found. Slump.

I have a hundred things I need to do...possibly more...and all I do is start doing #1, get distracted, start #2, get distracted, start #3, get distracted, never finishing any of them. Slump.

I tell myself I'm going to trust God about this car situation, and in the very next breath start worrying about it. Slump.

I'm struggling with some behaviour issues with my children, and just can't seem to get through to them. Much like God with me. Funny how I sometimes have a higher standard for my children then I do myself. Slump.

Trying not to be Debbie Downer, trying to be cheery, trying to buck up, but just about everything today sends me to tears. Speaking of tears... Slump.

The one good thing about this slump is that there's one direction left to go and the uphill climb leads me to Him. On second thought, I'm pretty sure He's right there in the slump with me. Sitting right beside me. I just need to open my eyes and take his hand and let Him...

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Oh Lead me, lead me to the cross
(Hillsong United)

Guess I just needed to take the time to remind myself of that. Again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why does it always have to be so applicable?

She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

Guess I won't be idle today....or eat bread.

Pray for me peeps. I've got a lot on my plate.

Apparently not bread, though.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Post-Monday Gladitudes

Is it too late for the Monday Gladdies??

I think not.

I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and the yawns are about to split my head in two, but the pressure to never go too long without posting the need to share all the things I am glad about tips the scales in your favor. If you could call it a favor, that is. Maybe it's just a nuisance to you. But whatever. Author of this blog? Me.

I'm as full of the gladitudes as a tick who is buried in the family dog. Me needs to let them out before I burst! Too much of a word picture?

Getting on with it then...

10) Started off last week with a "getting in touch with your inner teen" Girl's Night Out. What's not to love about that? About 15 ladies sat around and played "I've Never", giggled, snorted, and nervously awaited their turn at the prank calls that may or may not have taken place. Ahem. Calls like "Your fridge is better go catch it!" and (wives calling husbands) "Like, oh my gosh, I think you're totally cute. And, like, will you go to prom with me?!" most certainly did not happen. There was not an excess of junk food ingested. Things such as Doritos, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Funyuns, Pixie Stix, Pop Rocks, popcorn, licorice, Skittles, cookie dough and the like did not give me a stomach ache, reminding me of why I can no longer eat like a teen (At least, not without paying the consequence for it later). We did not watch "17 Again" and marvel at the talents of Zak Efron and Matthew Perry. To top off the night we did not don our black attire, grab Saran Wrap and toilet paper and head out before we all got too tired our curfew to leave our signatcha on a friend's abode. (Go here to see us getting ready. Taken by an accomplice of the male gender.) So glad I didn't do all those things! So glad I got to spend that fun bonding time with some great old and new friends. Not old as in age old, but long time friends. Just clarifying.

Hm. This is quickly turning into a Not Me! Monday post. Focus, Cathy. Focus.

9) Garage sales. It just about drives me to distraction that I haven't been able to wheel and deal this summer as much as I had it in my mind that I NEEDED to. BUT, I'm ever so glad that I made it to at least 1, and it was a doozy of a neighborhood sale so it fed my addiction (of good deals) for a little longer.

A few of the "must haves"...

These awesome 50's dishes were $5 for 12 plates and 12 cups. Aren't they cute?! Not sure when I'll use them...guess I need to throw a party!
Not pictured:
~A denim Old Navy vest for Emma.
~An electric hedge trimmer complete with extension cord (which I didn't notice, but the hubs sure was excited about. Note to self: All it takes to make him happy is an extension cord. Good to know.) which I offered $5 for and he accepted.
The deal of the century and the one that sent the hubs over the moon? Our very first gaming system!! The Atari Flashback 2 for $1.50!!!! Oh yeah, baby. Can you say Pitfall, Centipede, Pong??

8) 11 years. 11 YEARS!!! That's how long it had been since I'd seen this friend from college. So when we knew we were passing right through her town during our little family getaway, we decided to make her town our lunch stop. We picked a really classy, chic place for our reunion. Cause we're classy and chic. And nothing says class and chicness like....McDonalds. Especially when your son falls face first from a bench to the exposed aggregate in the playland, and after asking for an icepack a manager doesn't come see how he is for 1/2 hour. Exposed aggregate + kid friendly = oxymoron.

We caught up on each other's lives...well, as much as you can when you have an hour to eat, comfort grater-faced babes, and wrangle 4 young children. But it was SO good to reconnect face to face, not just facebook to facebook!

7) My first MIRL. Wow, that's a pretty important title! And the lurvly Gretchen now holds it. We came bearing Pumpkin Zucchini Bread (Yes, I'm a nerd.) and met near her digs at a place called "The Spotted Cow". One word - GELATO. But as sweet as the gelato was, the company was even sweeter. She was as lovely, easy to talk to, and adorable in real life as she is on her blog. More so. And, in fact, it was a little bittersweet, because now that I've gotten a taste of with Gretchen ;) 250 miles seems even further then it did before. So good to meet her. Such good "getting to know you" conversation. Such a wonderful person. Such yummy gelato.:)

That's Gretchen with the spotted cow, I mean the freckled "Cathy", I mean with me at "The Spotted Cow". Sheesh.

6) Glad for chances to see the beauty God created...while eating. Double bonus. **This gladdy made possible by the generosity of a woman who gave us their unused nights at a resort on the Washington coast. More blogging about that to follow.**

5) Glad for moments like these:
That even though they last mere fractions of a minute, somehow in that short amount of time my mama cup is filled back up.

4) I'm super duper glad in advance for future MIRLs, cause I know that along with my flesh and bone friends, God brought these in my screen for a reason and purpose as well!

3) Amandel Gebakjes - Also known as Almond Tarts to us less egeecated folk. Also known as heaven on earth. Also known as God's dessert. Also known as one more craving that will attach itself to my muffin top. Found in a little dutch town, in a little dutch bakery. That which lured us back for Round 2 for the happy dance in our mouth goodness.

2) Second chances. At this point God's really probably given me about 36,135 of them. However, "God is a god of 36,135 chances! Our God is a do do do, do do doo...of 36,135 chances!" just doesn't flow the same and it may have thrown Jonah off a little. (VMV = Veggietale Movie Version)

1) He has made me glad. He has made me glad. I will rejoice for He has made me gla-a-ad!

And she goes out with song....

Cause my OCD self wouldn't let me finish with just 9. Needed to round it out to an even 10. Now you would think that OCD part of me would help my grammar and punctuation. Apparently not.