Friday, May 29, 2009

you know this is why you keep coming back

Sonic - Take Two: ...because I can't be on that side of town now and NOT visit...

Today it was a Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. Very yum. Much more mild than my beloved PDDP. But at the risk of losing my new found friendships with Meredith and Carpoolqueen, I have to say it comes in 2nd behind my Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper. Do you like how it's now my PDDP, Amber? And it most definitely does deserve it's own text color...cause it's special like that.

Is anyone getting a little scared about my obsession yet?

Aren't you glad you can visit my blog to get my educated (I need my bachelors degree to be good for something.) opinion on the plethora ( bachelors degree) of beverage combinations one can obtain from Sonic??

You're welcome.

What is the world coming to? What is my life coming to...that the most exciting thing I can think to blog about is my Sonic runs. It's a sad, sad state of affairs, I tell ya.

So since I feel like this post should be about more than just Sonic. Step away from the drink, Cathy. Here's a few other happenings, that if you're visiting my blog, you must know about...

Summer Cuts

Inspired by this cool dude, we went a little faux hawkish. And let's face it, as sad as it was to see his baby look go again, he looks mighty dashing with his new look, don't you think?

And it's nice to have options.

He can go faux...

...or no....because as long as it's paired with pink shoes he can't go wrong...

...or just plain goofy.

And since I like to punish myself make the most of my time I decided to get the other 2 ragamuffins taken care of on the same day.

Believe me. It was time to get this scary mess of a head
shaped up into something a little more manageable.

The face? Not so much manageable. Apparently we all know how to sport our goofy look.

Which leads me so beautifully into this eye pleasing performance by my hubby which was recorded at a Foster Parent Appreciation Dinner that he organized. Didn't want you to feel left out, Hon.

(He's the one on the far left.)

Ahhh, makes a woman proud.

Wasn't watching the Village People just the icing on the cake or the pineapple in the Diet Dr. Pepper as it were?


P.S. Because I'm thoughtful, I left you with lots of links to follow to keep yourself busy over the weekend. You know, because you all have nothing to do...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

don't leave home without it helmet

Alternate title: A Post Of The Wordless Variety
Other alternate title: I don't have time to be all witty and wordy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the proof is in the pudding pineapple...that got stuck in my straw

I've fallen in love with another...

Drink, that is. Or lured over to the dark side. However you want to put it...

After having been hounded gently encouraged by some blogging friends to visit Sonic (which I had yet to do) AND after having been told that I couldn't knock the Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper from Sonic before I tried it (I'm not naming any names...AMBER!) , I finally caved willingly took my merry self with family in tow to our neighborhood across-town Sonic for a Memorial Day treat. And I have to say the PDDP, as it shall now be dubbed, was heavenly and exceeded my expectations (which I will admit weren't that high). And the fact that there is REAL pineapple in it? Well that's just an added bonus.

For those who need further proof that I indeed mean what I say. I, of course, had my hubby take a picture of me delighting in my new found love (which he, of course, did not make fun of. Ahem.) because that is, of course, just what you do when you have joined the World Wide Blogging Community of Sonic Lovers UnAnonymous. That's a lot of "of course"s...

So in the word's of Lincoln after he tasted his daddy's..."Wow-eee!"

I should be done talking about Sonic now, right? Wrong. Because I have one more part to the story. We also decided to try out a few food items. And while the fry sauce turns out to be something that I would run over small children to get to, grab handfuls of, and hoard in my car and pantry... and the taste of the tots were evil (in the sense that I can just feel them attaching themselves to my muffin top, since I could easily eat a pound of them) I have to say I was disappointed in the bang for my buck. I ordered off the "value" menu, and perhaps that is where I was led astray, but please tell me I'm not the only one that would have expected more than 7 tater tots in my little paper bag. Yes, that was before eating any of them. And, yes, I counted them. Which I had to, because when I went up and asked if this was the "normal" portion size, I was told the "value"(and I use that term loosely at this point) should contain 8 tater tots. Phew. Boy do I feel better. All is right with the world now. Wait! What?! You have got to be kidding me!!!

But, oh, does it get better. Yes, it does. After I counted mine and discovered I had 7, she asked me if I would like her to go get me ONE MORE. Yeah. Because that will make it worth the $1 that I spent. So while the taste of the tots was divine, the pain in my frugal mind and pocket were not.

Will all of that keep me away from my Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper and the Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper that I will most assuredly try next time (that one's for you Mer!)?? No it will not. I have a feeling that Sonic will see quite a bit of me this summer. Specifically during Happy Hour when the drinks are half price!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I have a date...

...with my hubby tonight. Last week we reached the anniversary of our 11th year together. But tonight we CELEBRATE it! We're blessed to have parents who love to have their grandkids stay with them from time to time. And so tonight we're taking advantage of that and getting out! It's been way too long since we've had a "date night", as our kids have come to know it. Life gets crazy, schedules fill up, and the weeks slip by. But we eventually find time to spend an evening together, because we knew from the very beginning how important it would be once we had children to keep time alone together sacred, special, and a regular thing.

Yes, tonight we'll have a date date. Talking, laughing, driving, dinner out, walking (hand in hand), and just enjoying eachother's company.

But I've discovered lately that I need to be better at "dating" my husband every day. In the little things. The things that came so natural when love first blossomed, before the busyness, before children, before the tough trials tried to break you down, before you were in a committed marriage that Satan did not want to see thrive. The things that say "I love you. I cherish you." without actually saying "I love you. I cherish you." Because we all can say those words, but do we put them into action on a daily basis.

"What do you have going on at work this week, babe?"

"Hi honey, how was your day?" And then actually stop what you're doing and listen!

"Hon, I just want you to know how much I appreciated you getting the lawn mowed and things tidied up outside this weekend."

"I'm so proud of the work you do at your job!"

"I love watching you with our children. They love you so much and you're such a good daddy."

Me being the one to plan a surprise date, arrange for childcare.

Fixing a meal that I know is one of his favorites.

Watching one of "his" movies, that I don't necessarily care for without complaints.

Dropping by the office and surprising him with a special treat (coffee, cookies, etc.)

Being calm and gentle with my children when they are being challenging. This one I've discovered speaks to MY hubby.

Being silly and goofy with him and the kids in the evening.

It's my tone of voice when talking to him, alone, in front of friends and family, in front of our children.

And a few other things that will remain unwritten....

These are just some examples of things that "speak" my love AND respect (which is even more important) to my husband.

How do you "date" yours? Please, do share!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

KIDisms and such

I'm struggling today...and feeling a little overwhelmed.

Wanting to blog...but struggling about what to write or how to write it.

Wanting to be a better mama...but struggling keeping my cool and extending grace.

Wanting to not care or worry about certain things...but struggling to leave them at Jesus' feet and find joy.

And there are some other things too... but some things are better kept between me and God.

So, with that, I'm going to take care of one of these things (for now anyway) and leave you with this post of KIDisms that had been gathering in my head, on paper, and on video.

And then, while the kids are sleeping, I'm going to go do something that will most assuredly build my spirit back up (and take care of the rest of those things)...I'm going to spend a little time with my Father.


Just a few sweet things about my kids that I'm remembering in hard copy, because my "rememberer" doesn't work as well as it used to and I have a feeling it's only down hill from here...:)

~~~I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little kid tan lines...especially when it's the boys backside and the shorts have slipped down a little. One of the few times that "plumber crack" is cute and OK. (and I'm not the least bit bothered that my kids get better tans than I do...ahem...actually I'm VERY glad that they mostly have their daddy's skin, because really I don't wish pastey white with a touch of freckle fair skin that burns first on anybody.)

~~~We rarely have any kind of juice in the house, so when my parents gave us some leftover juice they had, the hubs thought for sure the kid's would want some, so he poured it for them at dinner. Well, Babes wasn't drinking hers and Hubs reminded her to, when she blurted out, "I told you Daddy that I didn't want juice in the third place!" I guess the first place, and perhaps the second place, as well, were taken.

~~~(Babes is eating dinner.)

Babes: (She sighs.) "I'm just trying hard to eat my broccoli."

Me: "Good for you! I'm glad."

Babes: "Your pleasure." (...pretty sure me meant to say "My pleasure", but either way I was rollin'!)


And for your viewing pleasure...

His daddy is so proud. And his mama wonders what the heck is wrong with her voice?! Do I really sound like that to the rest of you? Because that is not how I think I sound. I sound like a gomer on video or voicemail or whatever. I do, of course, sound totally different in person. Hey, it's my little world. Let me live in it. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's therapy and it's free. Participate already! All you have to do is admit to things that you did not do (which, of course, you really did), head over to MckMama's and read about other bone-headed things other people didn't do (which, of course, they really did), link up, and feel a ton better after you've done it!

Since I always work on my Not Me! Monday through out the week, ahem, I did not find myself actually dreaming in the early morning hours of Monday about my post, what I would write, and how I would write it. That would just be down right obsessive. So I totally wouldn't have done that. Since you can control dreams and all.

Here's what I did not come up with for this week...

I'm one of those people that have neither naturally curly or naturally straight hair. It's not even a nice wavy. I tend to think of it as slightly "bent" in some areas. Not attractive. So Saturday night after a warm (and not gonna lie...sweaty and sticky) day I decided I would like to take a shower before I slipped into my NON-FLANNEL (thankyouverymuch!) sheets. The only problem with me taking night showers (which I love!) is that come morning "my hair just doesn't part right" (that's for all you fellow "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation" and Eddie lovers). However, on this fine Sunday morning during this fine weekend I awoke to hair that I thought I might just be able to do something with. The "something" being a "wavy" 'do! So after much spraying of water, product application, and playing around scrunching the you-know-what out of my hair I was actually quite pleased with how my unnatural "wavy" look turned out!

ALL that to say, when I walked out of my bathroom, the first the thing my darling daughter did NOT say was, "What's wrong with your hair?! It's all messy!". I did not thank her and proceed to go on our merry way to church, messy hair and all...

You would have not found me 2 nights in a row, piddling around the house until the ridiculous hours of the wee morning doing all kinds of important things absolutely nothing. However, if that had happened and you had found me the next mornings paying dearly for it, you would also not have found me thankful that at least one of those I was awake and therefore able to pray for a bloggy friend who was also awake with her precious little boy who was having his first runs of SVT and Bradycardia since being home from the hospital.

I did not feel great about having the computer off for the majority of the weekend so I could enjoy that amazing, wonderful, fun-filled time with my family. Nope. Not me. I would definitely not say that, because it might in some way look like I was admitting to needing to spend less time on the computer. Hmm...

Over the weekend, I did not snap a picture, focusing in on my daughter's adorable tummy which was on display in last year's swimsuit because I wanted to document a time in life when this is actually cute, unlike the muffin top that "graces" my figure. I say "graces" loosely.

I'm pretty sure her daddy (along with her brothers and papa) is definitely not going to have to build up his gun collection and put up the electrical fence around the house to keep would be suitors away in the years to come. What do you think?? Oh and she did not get her propensity for posing from her mama. Nope. Definitely not. And don't let my high school and college friends tell you any differently.

In case you were having a hard time seeing, let's not get a closer look at that cuteness...
I don't think I could end on a better picture than that, so until next week...when, of course, I will NOT have done anything that I would feel the need to Not Me! about...

Friday, May 15, 2009

A team o' wild horses couldn't tear us apart..

As crazy as this week has been, what with Mother's Day, Linc's birthday, Hub's birthday (Wednesday. He didn't want a blog card.:)), the craziness of baseball, church, and the like, I could not let today pass without saying how much I love my man on this 11th anniversary of ours.


We've come a long way. And this journey is far from being done. I'm so glad that we're traveling this road together... I'm so glad that God is using this marriage to make us holy... I'm so glad that I can show God my love for Him, by how I show you love... My prayer is that He would continue to show me how best to do that, that He would continue to shape me into your helper, that as I grow in my knowledge of Him that the fruit of the Spirit would become so much more evident in me and that I would pour that out onto you, our children, and other's he has placed in my life.

I have loved and will continue to love you through the good times AND the sick, poor, and hard trials of life. I'm "stuck" on you.;) Thank you for stickin' by me...for loving me inspite of me...


(Yes, this is us. (I don't typically throw up random wedding pictures.) Yes, he used to have hair. Yes, he's still incredibly handsome. (Don't hate me because he's beautiful.) Yes, I was young once. Yes, I was skinny once. No, we weren't yellow once. (Just had to take a picture of the picture and that's how it turned out.) It's amazing what 11 years will do... Does it count that we still feel that young??...some days.)

Did I use entirely too many sets of parenthesis?? (Was it distracting??)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


2 years ago yesterday, God allowed us to become a family of 5....

My sweet baby, Lincoln,

I spent an entire day and night trying to come up with the perfect words to describe how much I love you, but mere words cannot express it. They are so inadequate for the kind of love that a mama has for her child. That I have for you.

So, I was stuck.

Stuck with a lack of nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives that properly spell out what I feel for you.

Stuck with this heart that continues to expand and swell with each child I've given birth to. Each of you have changed me forever. A phenomenon that can't be explained, but is known by mommy's and daddy's everywhere.
Stuck on you.

Stuck with you, and you with me. Forever.

I'm so glad I'm stuck. I thank God I'm stuck. I so don't deserve this amazing blessing that He has "stuck" me with. I love, adore, embrace, cherish, relish, treasure, being stuck. I never want to be anything other than...stuck.

I love you, Monster Mash, the same and so much more (is that possible? I think so.)

yesterday... (I'm so grateful for each one of them.)

today... (I don't take for granted the todays. Lord, help me to make the most of them.)

and forever... (I'm so excited for the years and joys to come.)

I can't imagine life without you. You, my 3rd born child, are just as much a miracle and wonder to me as my 1st and 2nd born were.

Happy Birthday to you, my goofy, anything Papa and Daddy lovin', hummus eatin', strawberry and mandarin orange devourin', bruisin', car and truck drivin', dirt diggin', ball throwin', guitar strummin', singin', huggin', kiss givin' gift from heaven.

And since none of these words really cut it, I'll finish with the exact words that you said to me the evening of your birthday...

"Ah uv ya-ou." Oh, how I do...