Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Double Victory

I have bangle bracelet challenged hands.

There. I said it.

I can squeeze. I can contort. But those things will just.not.slip.on.

I've even been known to slather them up, just so I can accessorize properly. But to no avail.

I've had to face the facts. And resort to "stretchy" wrist candy. But sometimes its just.not. the same.

So when I won the little bloggity giveaway that was going on at my new, like-old friend Amber's blog, I was cautiously excited. Excited, because I love to win. And well, I did. Excited because it was coming from this sweet gal who shares a state with my sweet Grandma. Excited because the prize was ridiculously cute. But cautious because, well, I think I just covered that and I'd rather not keep talking about a painful and traumatic subject.

And when that package arrived in my mail, I excitedly ripped it open, momentarily forgetting my challenged hands....until I tried to put it on, that is. How was I going to proudly model my loot if I couldn't get it on my dad-gum wrist?! It wouldn't work as an anklet. Wearing it on a chain around my neck was out, unless I wanted to bust a cap and go all gangsta on ya head. (Um, or however that goes.) And I'm pretty sure my hubby would never approve me getting it turned into a nose ring. So I found myself in a little pickle.

However, I'm not one to give up easily. At least not for the sake of fashion. So I waited a couple hours for the swelling (caused by trying to force it on) to go down before I tried again. I squeezed and I squeezed that thumb and pinkie together in hopes of victory. And just when I was about ready to give up, have a good cry, and confess my lameness to Amb, it slipped on! (And by "slipped on" I mean "scrapped and left marks that might be gone by next year".) If I hadn't been in my car, not much could have stopped me from doing a little jig in honor of wrist candy that quite possibly may have become a permanent feature to my person.

I also almost broke out singing "High School Musical" songs in my mic at worship team practice last night, but that's another subject entirely.

Instead I'll leave you with the poor quality phone picture that I snapped of myself after one of my life's greatest achievements. (tongue in cheek) And I won't tell you that it only took me 15 tries to get a picture that didn't make me gag (because I've already established that I stink at self portraits), or that I edited the snot out of this one just to make it presentable.

Well, there you go. Me in all my blingy goodness. Thank you, Amber!!! SO GLAD I didn't have to say, "Return to Sender"...


Updated: ...because, well, it has actually taken me almost a month to finish this post and hit publish....

I'll have you know that you CAN teach old dogs new tricks, because I'm managed to get my bracelet past my formerly bangle challenged hands several more times since that fated day...and my wrists and outfits thank me...and Amber.:)


Mighty M said...

Love the bracelet - so glad you have figured out how to get one on! Hopefully your wrists have recovered!! ;-)

Carpoolqueen said...

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see how you got it OFF.

It's a beauty.

As ALL bling is.

Gretchen said...

There's your new avatar, right there. Darling pic. Lurvely bangle. And, i too, have what I call the man-hand dilemma. God made me artfully, but He didn't give me dainty...anything. :)

Family of 5 said...

IIt looks like a bracelet well worth the "work" to get it on...way to not give up! And that is a great pic of you! You are always so photogenic!

Tiffani said...

Well, since I tried to win that bracelet I almost wanted to say: "just send it back already and she can send it to ME!" ;)

But, alas, it is ADORABLE permanently attached there to your cute you are!!

Maybe you need to rewrite the Word that'll you "hide Your Words on my arm that I may not sin against Thee"...hhahahaha

Seriously, glad it worked out!!

Amber said...


I'm laughing, because I was seriously panicked for a second. But then I remembered that you TOLD me back in the day that you wore the arm candy. And then I proceeded reading with caution.

And I'm so glad I did.

Because then I got to the fabulously divaliscious picture of you, Miss Bangle Thang.

Looks beautiful on you...just like I knew it would.

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Rain Dancer!! I do wish you'd video the getting-on-of-the-bangle contortion. Not that I take pleasure in watching others struggle or anything. I don't laugh when people fall. Not me. I've heard others do though.

harmonysong said...

I have the SAME problem!! UGH! Glad you got it on, though! :)

Chelsea said...

Me too! Big hands, little wrists. But that bracelet is cute enough to leave on for extended periods of time.

(BTW, I'm visiting from Melanie's blog. Your comment about the green tapered pleated pants was too funny!)