Thursday, September 17, 2009

The second day week of second grade & the Garden where I guess they grow the olives Kinders

So, in good mom form, after missing posting about Will's first day WEEK of 2nd grade, I decided the world wouldn't end if I posted his first day of school photo during his second week of school. But before I do I wanted to share a little ditty with you all (Since we've already established that I often times think in terms of songs and music.) so you too can have Bob and Larry repeating over and over through your pretty little heads. You're welcome.

Now Billy Joe McGuffrey was a really clumsy kid
On the second day of second grade, I'll tell you what he did
He slipped on a banana peel, flew up in the sky
Landed on a chimpanzee who poked him in the eye

First aid in the second grade
First aid in the second grade
First aid in the second grade
You could buy a zoo with all the doctor bills he paid

(For those who are not edjucated in all things's from "Jonah".)

Yes. This is what I found myself humming as we hoofed it over to the school. There were no banana peels in site, but a good old sidewalk curb will work in a pinch. Which is exactly what took Will down. I'm happy to report that he did.not. land on a chimpanzee, nor did one poke him in the eye. Phew.

I do score mom points for getting these 1st day of school pics:

I realize that now that you've actually seen them, those points might be retracted. I'm sure none of you would ever in a million years point out that I let my son leave for school with crazy hair, the likes of which can not be blamed on cowlicks. So I'll point it out for you. In my defense it's not like I don't have 3,286 things on my mind and on my "To Do" list. And truthfully, I thought his hair was still looking just fine...until we were walking out the door with no time to do anything about it. But still.... Aside from that and the fact that I waited until the night before school started to get supplies (Sold out. Who needs 40 glue sticks anyway?), the first and second week have started off swimmingly. We like his teacher. He has a new (good, we've heard) principal. I have a son who still LOVES going. I have a son who gets giddy with excitement over library check-out day. I have a son who I've seen be tender and sweet with the special ed children. I have a son who would eat cafeteria cheese pizza if I let him.... and the just-rolled-out-of-bed hair he's sportin' in NO WAY takes away from how incredibly HANDSOME this boy of mine is. And that's all I have to say about that.

As far as that little girl who headed off to the Garden of Kinders this week??? I had geared myself up to be all weepy and thinky, but when it came time I realized that she's done this 1/2 day of school before. She thrives in it actually, and a sweet lady from our church is the assistant in her class. So I was tearless. Now, next year when she heads off to full days in the 1st grade (hearing that song again) get ready to send me boxes of Kleenex.

Isn't she just the cutest??

So I'm doing good with having a big 2nd grader and kindergartner or maybe I'm just in denial...but whatever it is, it just feels right to be back into the the routine of things...Lincoln might have a different opinion, though, because I'm pretty sure he's missin' him some sissy pretty fierce...


Jenny said...

I love that song! Thanks for the lyrics.

harmonysong said...

Great pics! Glad you are getting used to being back in the swing of things! :)

Tiffani said...

they are both just too precious!!!

I'm proud of you, Mom!!

That's such a sweet pic of all of you!!

Pink Slippers said...

Great pictures. It does not matter when you posted them. I forgot my camera for my daughters birthday party. I was so sad.

Mighty M said...

They are so cute. I didn't even notice the hair until you mentioned it! ;-)

Gretchen said...

Hair-schmair. Gives him texture. Glad they're off to a great start, Momma. I see so much of you in W and B in E.

Karyn said...

Hey peep-
You likey my blogging peep's idea eh? :)

I texted you today...did you get it?

whimzie said...

Great pics! Even though I'm going to be singing that song for the rest of the day!!

I'd like to borrow the kindergartener's outfit. Of course I'm sure I couldn't pull it out off as well as she does. What a doll!

Amber said...

Your children could NOT be any more beautiful. So stinkin' cute.

And I adore that you let Will go to school with crazy hair...

How do I love thee....let me count the ways.

Carpool Queen said...

I love Billy Joe McGuffrey. My goal is to sing the whole thing through and get the claps just right.

So far, no dice.