Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a spoonful of sugar

The 2 youngest and I have been housebound for 3 days now. You would think I would have time to blog....

But once again the sickies have hit, a little too early in the season if you ask me...which apparently no one did, and apparently we had the flu test where you don't get the results until you're actually well again, in the mean time not knowing if the rest of the family will end up with the Hogs Disease it takes 2-3 days to get the "more accurate" results back.

So I've been busy covering my ears to the sounds of the Terrible 2 1/2's, nursing the little girl who's going on Day 4 of the yo-yo fever, sore throat (negative for Strep) and cough, trying to keep the "2 1/2" from wallering her and catching "it", and watching continuous rounds of High School Musical 1, 2, and 3.

But since I know you all have been missing me terribly in the almost 2 weeks I've been gone (Wow...time sure does fly when you're having MIRL and family in town, in addition to the regularly scheduled programs.), I thought I would tide you over with some sweetness...and maybe, just maybe, it will help the medicine go down in these parts a little easier, too.

A little sugar...for the eyes.

3 month old Sugar had to go home with her family when the sickies came to call.:(

Woah. One could get sick from all the eye candy these families make...

And a little sugar...for the teeth.

**These were made for Ladie's Night Out at my church last month.**

“Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Bar Cookies

From the Kitchen of Nikki Hughes

1 pkg (18 ounces) refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
1 jar (7 ounces) marshmallow crème
½ cup creamy peanut butter
1-1/2 cups toasted corn cereal (Chex)
1 cup m&m’s

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease 13X9-inch baking pan. Remove dough from wrapper according to package directions.Press dough into prepared baking pan. Bake 13 minutes.Remove baking pan from oven. Drop teaspoonfuls of marshmallow crème and peanut butter over hot cookie base.Bake 1 minute. Carefully spread marshmallow crème and peanut butter over cookie base.Sprinkle cereal and m&m’s over melted marshmallow and peanut butter mixture.Bake 7 minutes. Cool completely on wire rack.

You're welcome.

And don't shoot the messenger if you can't stop at just one and end up eating the whole pan. You needed new jeans anyway, right?


whimzie said...

I don't believe I've seen that recipe before but that sounds like a real keeper. Sorry about the sickies. We're new to the sick party. So far we just have one with fever. I certainly hope the rest of your crew stays well and your sick one gets better very soon!!

Mighty M said...

I do need new jeans, but preferably the same size. Those bars sound TOO delicious! Cute pics! The second one with the hat is adorable!!

mimi said...

Hope you all are feeling better. I've noticed that the sickies have hit our town early too...everyone I know seems to have something.

I do need new jeans, but from the 5lbs I gained over the summer! Those bars look way too delish.

Amanda P said...

I'm, that recipe...that's just wrong. And Sickies, that's just wrong too. But your sweet pics of sweet faces and that Linc's that's almost too big, OH MY Goodness, when did he get so big?


Pink Slippers said...

Hope all is feeling well soon, very soon.
Mommy to 7. 9 and under.

Tiffani said...

UGH! I hope our sickies stay away awhile!! So sorry y'all have experiencing them now! But, maybe you'll get it over with and not see anymore!

Um, yes, thank you for the bar recipe! Yummers!

Gretchen said...

Sorry about the sickies. My dtr came down with something today. I think I smell a pig. Anyhoo...she's not feeling super spectacular, and now she's worried about all the middle school homework she's gonna miss. Such trials. Great pictures, and wonderful bar cookie recipe. Seriously. You had me at refridgerated cookie dough.

Family of 5 said...

Yah I talked to your oldest tonight at church and said you were home with the two sickies! :( Sad! i'll be praying they feel better soon and that the rest of you don't catch it! And yes the bars were delish! yummy! Everything that I didn't need for my hips! :) Hang in there friend!

Love the pics by the way!

Amber said...

I've missed you while you were on your blogging hiatus...but I got to hang with you in real life, so that was WAY better.

Is that the recipe for what you made while I was there? I can't really remember what all was in it, I just know they were GOOOOOOD.
Tucking this little gem of calorie heaven away, sister.

Hope the sickies get over their sickiness soon. And hope that their mama doesn't totally lose her ever-lovin' mind. I'm not sure anything tries my motherly patience more than having sick kids. UGH.

And that sugar-baby...oh my heavens. I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Love you muchly. Rest up, dear one!

Carpool Queen said...

I wish I had refrigerated cookie dough. I ate it before I could use it in any recipe.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You guys feeling better???

I can ONLY resist those bars because of the chocolate aversion. But my jeans are too tight from cramming fall mix in my mouth non-stop for two weekends in a row.

Hope you have fun on your mom's night out tonight! Girl, you need that!!!

Jenny said...

Pu-leze tell Mr. Man Lincoln to stop growing up.