Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10, Ten, X, diez, zehn, dix

No matter how you say it, sometimes it's hard for me either to come up with 10 things or narrow it down to 10 things. I thought of doing my 10 favorite foods or my 10 favorite 80's songs, but I couldn't narrow it down... And I thought about telling you 10 things I would be doing this summer, 10 of my favorite "things", 10 things that annoy me, 10 things that are making me smile right now, or 10 random things that I betcha didn't know about me, but I just didn't have the energy...
because there's 10 things that I've giving or trying to give most of my energy to these days and it's...

10 of the reasons that I'm not blogging as frequently as I used to or sometimes would like.

But I'm OK with that, because, really, I'm just trying to take care of these responsibilities and blessings that God has placed in my life, right here, right now, in the right way, with the right attitude.

1) This should ALWAYS be first on my list, because it should always be in the center of everything else I do. Sadly, this is not always the case for me, but I want it to be. And I'm striving for it to be. And it's getting more amazing and better every day.

3)4) 5)
I just didn't feel like I needed to explain those last four. Was I right???

6) Wardens of Laundry Prison...'s a life sentence with no chance of parole.
(This photo was not staged. Shocker.)

7) Why do I feel like I don't really need to explain this one either. I mean with 3 boys in the house does any one doubt that the time it takes to fill those hollow legs is from sun up to sun down?
And of course you can't have the previous without it really doesn't need it's own number. Just try not to judge me. Ok, you have permission to judge me for the 1 Christmas mug that didn't make it back in with the rest of it's family. Actually, judge the move, not me.
(This photo was not staged. Another shocker, I know.)

8) I do not like plain white walls. I do not like them. Not at all. (Green Eggs and Ham anyone?)
I need to be putting more energy to getting all my pictures and such unpacked and put up. 6 months should have been plenty of time, right??

'Nuff said.

Notice how high on the list this was? Well, this wasn't a list of the top 10 ways I'm being tortured, so it's lucky it even made it on here. Stop looking at me with your evil eye, Jillian. Walk away from The Shred, Leslie, just like I do.

And if this was "13 on the 13th" I would have included our church, family, and friends. But they get a MOST honorable mention and WOULD have made the 10 on the 10th if I would have had recent pictures of them all. So, now I know what is next on my list to do....

Don't think I'll be coming up for air or with more hours in the day any time soon. So this "little less frequent" blogging, might just have to be the new norm.

Don't miss me too much...

P.S. Don't forget to visit Mer, who created this carnival, to see what "10" she and all her peeps came up with.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

GREAT priorities! I'm proud of you walkin' away from blogging for those things...and glad you played along today!

Carpoolqueen said...

Laundry alone would keep me away. And sadly, the children cannot feed themselves. I hear ya', and I APPLAUD your discipline.

Standing O, baby!

harmonysong said...

Are you doing the shred? I completed day 11 today. I started on level 2 on day 7, but I am still struggling with it! ah!!

Amber said...

Way to go, girl. Perspective and priorities are key, and you have got it all figured out!

And that whole baseball thing...all I can say is...I KNOW!

And can I tell you how happy I am that your sink was full of dirty dishes?!

Mighty M said...

Love you list in photos! You'll be back when you can, and we'll be here when you do! ;-)

whimzie said...

Well, of course you're missed! But I can't think of 10 better reasons to blog less. In fact I have all of your reasons on my list as well. I don't mean that I need to spend less time on the computer because of YOUR husband and kids, I was actually imagine my people's faces.

You're a wise one, friend.

And you have beautiful teeth!

Gretchen said...

Great list. Great reasons. Great influence on me. :) And I'm glad that one of the things we "can't take with us" when we die is laundry. For I am tired of it.

Family of 5 said...

those are a wonderful top 10! :) I hear you on the 1st one about being in the Word priority #1! Love thet pics! :) And your house looks great even without all the pictures up! :)