Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10 on the 11th

I meant to take part in this great little meme of my friend, Meredith's, yesterday. But because I could not seem to come up with an interesting 10 on the 10th, you'll have to settle for 10 on the 11th.

Why not do 11 on the 11th, you ask?

Do you not see the issues I had yesterday? I couldn't possibly be expected to come up with an extra one today.

It took me all day yesterday and this morning to come up with this highly interes.....average subject.

10 reasons I'm looking forward to this spring/summer - See, I couldn't even settle on one season.

1) Sun. Period. Do you really need me to elaborate?

2) Grilling. Yum. Have I mentioned before that I like food? Especially when I'm not the one cooking it.

3) Camping. It's the new luxury vacation. Good thing we actually LOVE it! Which, of course, includes swimming and...sun.

4) Working in the yard. Playing in the sprinklers. Again....sun.

5) Pedicures and flip-flops. Yes, one is necessary, before the other takes place.

6) The smell of my children after a long, hard play outside. That mix of sunscreen, dirt, sun, warmth, and fun. And you can smell the fun. :)

7) Times with family and friends just "hangin' out" in a backyard, at the park, at a lake, hiking on a trail, wherever, really, just enjoying each others company, forgetting how late it is because of how light it is, laughing, making memories, watching kids at play, just soaking it all in. Including the....sun.

8) Evening family walks around the neighborhood as the...sun is setting.

9) Produce stands. Farmers markets. Fresh fruits. Fresh veggies. Thanks to God, creator of the earth, the rain, and the... sun.

10) Window and doors wide open, welcoming the warm or cool breezes that come in to tickle are cheeks.

Oh! What's that, you say? Is that a #11 I see? Well, yes it is. Apparently, I could come up with another one!

11) The glorious, spectacular, brilliantly warm....sun.

....or not.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what things about this spring and summer that you are most looking forward to. And if you're anything like me, it will most definitely and most importantly involve...your loved ones.

And you thought I was going to say "sun"!

Just thought I would share, oh about 10, pictures of summers past. Hmmm, guess I could have simplified life and just done that yesterday!


Carpoolqueen said...

I am most looking forward to the pool being open. We can seriously spend a lot of time just lazing around in the water and being with friends.

And Kool-Aid. Which I could drink any time of the year, but it tastes better in warm weather.

Amanda P said...

Let's work on planning that camping trip about August? Any favorite locations?

Family of 5 said...

OH I AGREE! I LOVE THE SUN!! And when it is warm outside with the sun, it's so deceiving right now, it looks so warm out there with the beautiful bright sun, and you walk outside and it's FREEZING! bring on the warm with that sun please! :)

Jenny said...

1. Quick trips to Salem because there is are more road conditions to factor

2. Camping with the Cordero's

3. Grilling with the Cordero's

4. Being warm. I like Winter just as much as the next guy (I really do) but I am tired of being cold.

5. Seeing the neighbor's come out from their hybernation

6. The whole "new" wardrobe of summer clothes I get to unbury


8. Watching my families skin tan

9. Pink cheeks on my kids

10. Making more memories with family and friends

11. Being warm. Did I already mention that?

Tricia said...

Hey. Thanks for checking out my blog too! I too am a lover of sun. One of the many reasons to love North Carolina over Ohio where I am from originally. :)

I shoot with a Canon Rebel - the XSi. I got it last summer and am really liking it. I'm learning all it's bells and whistles and how to shoot in manual (that's taking a while).

The scripture from Jeremiah you have in your side bar is one of my favorites. I LOVE IT!

Brandi said...

You hit it right on! I love Spring and Summer too - and mostly because of the sun! And time spent with the family in the ... sun! Of course my hubby is not a sun seeker - so while I am out in the SUN he is under the shade whining about the SUN. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sun, warmth, no schedule, grilling, hiking, the 4th of July, sitting outside in the cool evenings, camping, cousins, Durango (our summer destination) and the lake (when we visit my dad!)...

Yeah, I'm ready. Especially because it's cold and snowy here tonight. Ugh.

Basking in the Son said...

I'm still wondering where you are going to find all this sun? It seems like we only a get a few nice hot days here and there. I've been whining (did I just confess to whining??) about needing a nice HOT Lake County summer. Maybe I just need some time in eastern Oregon. I love it hot outside and I love that perfect blue sky. It is also nice to take a more relaxed approach to school over the summer.