Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day Camp, Dirt, & Smiles

This last week Will attended Canyonview Day Camp for the very first time. His week was filled with Bible stories, songs, the tree house, the boat, creek-walking, crawdads, swimming, boating, horse back riding, archery, crazy counselors, and, of course....DIRT. Every boy's dream.

This is Will REEEEAALY excited for camp. Whoa.
Will with his "buddies since birth", Logan and Judd.

He was more excited about riding the bus than anything!
The end of the first day. All the kids looked exhausted...except for my son. Haven't quite figured out what will wear him out.
Friday night was "Family Night" when Will got to show us everything he had seen and did for the week.
Judd and Will in the boat.
Libby, Judd, Will, and Emma in the Tree House. Very cool.
The "Hipsters" singing their songs.
It was a good week!
Hiking out of the "canyon" by torch-light. The week is done.
The camp socks. Wow. Fun must have been had:)
"Will, did you even wear your shoes?"
So glad he had this opportunity. Brought back memories from my childhood.
Goin' on a squeegee hunt....I'm not afraid...


Karyn&Kelly said...

Oh Will...the first of many camp experiences I'm sure! Good times! Did you just throw those socks away???

Cathy said...

um yeah. There were actually 2 pair that looked like this. I just kept washing them and reusing until the last day and then they were trashed!

Amanda said...

Ahhh, great times! Those socks are NASTY!