Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving Day

August 18th. No rain for weeks until that day. I guess it was only fitting since 3 years ago when we moved to Central Oregon we were welcomed with a monsoon, and I guess she decided to send us off with a few sprinkles. It actually cooled it off just right.

Our friends the Kuhlman's were our lifesavers that day. A huge blessing from God. They drove out to our place in the early morning, dropped off Michael to help pack and then Kristin took all 3 of my children back to her house! What a woman!! What wonderful friends!! My sanity was saved! And Michael become our master U-Haul packer, since he has done it, oh, just a few times:)

Overall, it was a pretty smooth move. Thank you Lord. And, again, thank you sooo much to the Kuhlmans and our babysitter Mo and her dad and his whole work crew who came to help load up.
Leaving Central Oregon....
Hello Valley....
Hello apartment living....

Standing at my front door:)
Lincoln helping unpack!
We are now valley-dwellers!

***I keep forgetting to put things in my posts-sheesh! I can not leave out the big thanks for the people on the other end. My mom took the kids so I could be hands free and my Dad came over to help unpack, along with our wonderful friends the Blairs, the Woods, and David all of which we are excited about being able to see more!!

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