Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's BOGO time!!!

Since I'm all about frugality and saving money these days, I'm giving you 2 for the price of 1. 2 blog posts for the time it takes to read 1! Always lookin' out for my dear blog readers. Yes, I am.

But along with that comes a warning: This will be a doozy of a loooong blog post.

Run if you must. But if you must, do so quietly so my little bloggy ego won't be crushed.

For those of you putting on your full armor and braving the battle....I give you...


I know, technically, it's not the 10th (Sorry Mer.)....or Tuesday (You know...GladiTuesday. Sorry Gretchen) .

But, technically, it's my blog. And technically I always seem to be running a little behind. And technically my day crashed and burned yesterday before I could finish this and I just didn't have the energy to get my hiney off the couch (and I wasn't about to turn off The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance.).

So technically I guess you could say this is my 10 on the 11th and my GladiWednesday. Which technically doesn't have the same ring to it. But technically it probably doesn't really matter. Technically I should probably stop using the word technically in this post, because technically it's starting to sound weird and unwordy-like, and I've technically used it in places where technically shouldn't be used.....

Technically moving right along...

10 Things I Should Have Blogged About Months Ago But Can't Get My Act Together Enough To Get It Done...That Just So Happen To Be Things That Make Me Glad

And....we're off....

1~ My buddy turned 8. 2 months ago.

There was good and new friends. Pizza. Make-Your-Own ice cream sundaes. Silly games. Lightsabers and swords (of course). 1st ever sleepover. And I survived it all. So glad about that. Speechlessly glad that God see fit to put this rough and tumble, enough like me to challenge me, loving, sensitive, silly, giggly, handsome boy in our lives 8 years ago....

2~ Many, many moons Saturdays ago we spent the day with our good friends, the Blairs. Just that there makes me glad. Glad because we've been friends with them for almost 11 years. Glad because we've been through life's highest of highs and lowest of lows with them and our friendship has remained. Faithful friends.

The day itself made us all kinds of glad too. The parents got together and schemed. We blew up several balloons, wrote on little slips of paper different things that we would do that day, put them in the balloons, and let the kids take turns popping them to see what would happen next. It was good fun! And the kids were thrilled when we actually ate ice cream before lunch.:)

3~ So thankful for baby sleep bums. So glad that, while he'll always technically :) be my baby, for now he really is the baby. And I will take all the "baby" I can get.

4~ Another school year. Another field trip. Another pumpkin patch. Another chance to get special mama-daddy-daughter time.

How about them apples? (Yes, apples from Oregon, Amber. Not that we're known for them, though.;))

5~ I had the privilege of watching my sweet friend Summer's baby girl for a day. Can you say sugary sweetness?

I'll let the picture finish speaking of my gladness over that one.

6~ Lincoln had his first trip to the dentist. I tried not to project my dislike for this necessary evil onto him, especially since he was happy as a clam to be there. Weird kid.

7~ I finally have the recipe for the Sweet & Spicy Mac and Cheese from one of my favorite restaurants. 4 cups of heavy whipping cream. ...What are you waiting for?
Do you even need to ask if I'm glad about that????

8~ This fall season brought us our induction into flag football. It was....interesting. But also a ton of fun. After a season of learning the sport, the concepts, and the art of paying attention (why do I feel like this will be the never ending lesson?), Will topped it off with scoring 3 touchdowns and pulling more flags on defense than he's ever pulled in the last 2 games.

But, really, any game where they got to slip 'n slide in the mud was a success to them. I on the other hand did NOT appreciate the one game that sent me home looking like a drenched poodle, left my car smelling like that drenched poodle, and caused me to have to clean out my purse just so it could air dry. Thankfully that was a one hit wonder.

(That's him with the ball!)

9~That same boy that would willingly roll around in mud (Actually, it kind of sounds like fun...and I may have done it once in college.), has a love for his baby blanket still. And this makes me sad glad. I just made that up.

Glad...because that blanket used to be MY blanket as a child and I love that he loves it.

Sad...because that blanket used to be MY blanket as a child and I may have some issues with this....

I may have even threatened to take it away if any more holes appear or get bigger. I may have. I may have also shed a few tears over it's state and wondered if a more craftier person than I could rescue it. I may have to come to terms with the fact that it's no longer mine. May. Yes, I realize that I may need professional help. But I'd rather not talk about it...

There. All caught up.

Whatever will I blog about now???

OK, so technically I didn't have "10" but technically...well, I think we've already covered that....


Jenny said...

I'm glad you have so many things to be glad about! These are great things. I still need to call my friend Will and tell him how happy I am about his touchdowns (remember how many times he told me about the hit in baseball... that I witnessed?) :)

Next time we get together (when is that again?) I would love to try this mac-n-cheese...

Amber said...

Apples. In Oregon. I're famous for them. So says Google.

Love your gladdy list.

And I always love looking at pictures!!! :)

Amanda P said...

Very fun to read all about what you've been up to and a fancy way to zip it all in, I must say. Nicely done!

Kendra said...

Better late than never, huh? I almost posted my October 10 on the 10th on the 12th but decided it was too late. Next time I'll take a lesson from you.

I love cute little sleepy baby tushies stuck in the air. It's just too darned adorable!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

It's never too late to join the party!!!

I loved reading this, Cathy.

4 cups of whipping cream? Well, yum. And hello treadmill. ;)

Kellie said...

Birthdays! Ice cream! babies, friends, mac and cheese! THIs was a fun post!

Summer said...

Your baloon adventure reminds me of one when Mike did that with Mark Colburn for Lisa and I as one of our first dates... aw the memories. So much fun.
I'm loving the picture of Moriah... can you email that to me?
Your post was fun to read... it make me feel like I'm in touch with you more :)

Carpool Queen said...

You had me at 4 cups of cream. Booking my plane ticket now :)