Friday, November 6, 2009

free is a very good price

I sat down here over an hour ago to try and type out a thoughtful or funny or witty or link sharing post, but instead found myself catching trying to catch up on all my blog reading and commenting. And so my "free" time is coming to a close.

But since it's become my habit to post on Thursdays and I want to feel like I actually accomplished something today other than my typical rounds of dishes, laundry, meals, toy pick up, temperature taking, med dispensing, shower taking, vacuuming, taxing...well you get the picture...I'll leave you with this picture instead.

The rugrats. In all their costume awesomness. Which cost their mama nary a penny. Because she's good like that. And borrowed, free, or "last year's" was my motto.

Self praise stinks unless it's about saving money.

Speaking of self praise saving money (;p), I saved over $80 so far this week with all my coupon clipping thankyouverymuch. Which might explain the lack of creative energy needed to write an interesting post.

But my husband thanks me.

I guess you can thank me now too...cause this yawner of a post (due to my rambling, but partially redeemed because of cute kidlets) is done...and you can reclaim your "free" time.

...and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!


Mighty M said...

Very cute kiddos! Have a great weekend!

Tiffani said...

Q T PIES!!!!! Yep, we didn't spend on our costumes this year it!

I must get back in the coupon routine!! I MISS IT!

Amber said...

$80? Shut the mess up. That is freakin' awesome. Dadgum small towns...we have Walmart. And uh...Walmart. Oh...and Walmart.
No saving $80 around here. But I'll live vicariously through your thrifty self.

Kiddos = Super cutealiscious.

Love that blondie wig. Wink.Wink.

Kellie said...

Kudos on the money saved!!!

And I think your kids are all so cute! BUt your little skunk is making me smile!

Carpool Queen said...

Glad to play catch up with you - I'm all about free costumes and saving $80 at the grocery, which I didn't do yesterday because I haven't been disciplined about coups.

Or anything else for that matter.

N5forHim said...

Seriously. You should write a blog about all your money saving tips. For people like me who are, I mean uncreative on how to save money, we could seriously learn from your wisdom. Seriously.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I bow to your Awesomeness. That is some serious savings. YAY YOU!

And loving the Halloween cuteness too!

Gretchen said...

I think this may have been our last year of Halloween costumes (maybe one more?). So that makes seeing your picture all the more sweet for me. I'll live vicariously through your kids' cute ages and thru your mad $$$$ saving skilz.