Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Big Picture (Post)

In all fairness, I did warn you not to get used to me posting 2 months 2 days in a row. (But does it count if it took me 2 days in row to write this one post?) So, let's just recap the last 3 months with pictures (and a few words), shall we?

Get ready for your retinas to burn.


Some alone time at the beach...

Remember this pic? My big camera is being held by my right hand at the top of the heart. Can't see it, can ya?!

"Wow! I see a hot guy!"

"There he is!" Try not to be jealous that he's mine.

What a gorgeous skGuy.

Upward season...

Trip to Nana's with the Sis-in-law and fam!

...and an impromptu photo shoot, with Fancy, my camera...

Nana knows everyone in town so she took us to see her friends at the firehouse.:)

Cool old leather water buckets.

To be continued... cause bloggers dumb.;)

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