Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrating at the Oregon State Fair

Literally, all summer Will kept asking when we were going to get to go to a fair. So, we figured, what better way to celebrate Will's 7th birthday than taking him to the best fair of them all - the Oregon State Fair!! We invited our good friends the Blairs to join us in our corndog-curlyfry-eating and cheezy-butohhowthekidslovethem ridin' escapade. We even petted a few snakes and turtles, looked at the cows, horses, and baby pigs, laughed at the crazy long, curled tongue of the goat that was talking to us, and, of course, went to the Red Barn for ice cream (those who have been, KNOW what I'm talkin' about:)). We even spent $4-$5 a pop on flavored ice (a.k.a snow cones) and sugar air (a.k.a cotton candy). It was definitely a good time! we just need to start saving for next year;)
By the way, what is about this silly motorcycle wheelie-poppin' ride that makes kids grin that big?:)

And we, of course, had a cake w/ candles on his actual birthday.

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Basking in the Son said...

I had a hard time with the fact that Emmalyn turned 7 this year. Somehow I never really got to the fact that she was 6 (I was still thinking of her as my 5 year old) and then she was 7.

Did your 2nd and 3rd births go easier than the 1st? I knew that will's birth was early due to problems, but hadn't remembered all the details.