Saturday, March 21, 2009

Round 1

Mama vs. Bored-itis, and it's survival of the fittest. Who will be the victor?

(I know I'm cheesy. That's just who I am sometimes.)

If I was a bettin' woman, I'd place my money, of course! Mama will prevail.

I have to admit I might not be the fittest physically. Cause I'm pretty sure that Jillian's 30 Day Shred is not about refraining from exercises for 30 days.

But I'm hoping that I'm the fittest mentally. I was a little nervous when I started off Thursday and Friday (the beginning of Spring Break) a little sluggish but I have renewed motivation and my strategy for next week.

I give you...Round 1 of this match.

Because we all need to have some loungin' time every once in awhile. And how much do I love, that he still loves his baby blanket that used to be MY baby blanket.

Is it bad when your kids refer to breakfast as cake? Good thing this doesn't happen on a regular basis. It was free! I couldn't turn down free, right?!

Ahhh. The simple joys in life. Like being clean, for instance. Actually, one of the things I decided to do on Friday was daytime baths. Also referred to as Daytime Soaps because they're long, drawn out, lazy, something gets accomplished on the sly...well you get my drift.

They loved this idea. And, actually, I will probably do this on a regular basis, especially on evenings when we have things going on, up until bedtime. And I will use it to my advantage, during that infamous hourbeforedaddygetshomewhenmamastryingtomakedinner-everoneshungryandwhiningmamasbloodpressureisrising... Am I the only one that gets anxiety just thinking about it?

I realize most of you are probably thinking, "Oh, how cute! He's playing the funnel like a horn.", but how could you not be thinking, "Those are the most adorable, scrumptious, kissable baby cheeks I've ever laid eyes on!". Seriously. How could you not.

Some might call it the "Ace Ventura", some "The Whos of Whoville" 'do, but his daddy lovingly refers to him as "Teen Wolf". So...apparently one more thing on this next week's agenda is a grooming for our little Monster.

I love that he's confident in his lathered locks, though.

And I'm pretty sure these wrinkled piggies can attest to the fact that a marvelous time was had. (AND that I let them stay in as long as they wanted.) And not just by these 5, but the other 25 that belong in this pen, as well. Alas, no pics of the rest, for it has become inappropriate to take pictures of Buddy bathing now. And Babes is on that line. Sigh. Pardon me, while a go wipe my tears.

And this is what happens when you leave your camera laying around for little Monster to destroy use.

So lets recap the crazy, exciting fun that's been happening around here.

Mama has coffee.
Cake for breakfast.
Too much T.V.
Mama has coffee.
Play at church while Mama and Daddy practice for Easter.
Visit from Papa and Mimi.
Mama has coffee.
Daytime soap. Ahem, baths.
Mama has coffee.
Dessert w/ some new friends and some mutual friends.
Mama has more coffee.
Mama has more coffee.
Mama makes steel cut oats in the crock pot for the first time and they are good.
Lincoln has 3 bowls.
Mama has more coffee.
Everyone goes with Mama to the grocery store.
Throw in a couple of minor injuries and I think that about covers it so far.

I really didn't have that many cups of coffee. That's just how many times I heated up the same cup of coffee after taking one drink before it got cold again. So glad that I really like looking at my coffee mug.

Now, don't you want to come have Spring Break at our house?!

Before you start feeling too sorry for my kids, this is what's planned for next week!
~A trip to the Children's Museum.
~A ride on the carousel.
~The oldens get to go the public library with me, while the youngen plays with Mimi.
~A trip to Costco. Who doesn't love that?
~Playdough. You heard me right. I'm breaking out the Playdough. I told you, big guns.
~Make some yummy healthy treats together. We're talkin' homemade granola bars that I've wanted to make for awhile. Any good recipes out there?
~Inside fort day. Complete with flashlights, books to read, and giggles galore.
~A dinner where they pick which serving utensil they want to eat with. ie wooden spoons, pasta spoon, spatula, tongs, etc.
~And then spending 2 days and 1 overnight at Papa and Mimi's house which they will love! and who am I kidding, I'll be ready for a little Spring Break myself by then.

So, while it was a shaky 1st Round, I definitely think that come Round 2, Mama's gonna knock you out!!!

(I feel a song comin' on.)

And good thing I love cheese.

Cause this post was full of it.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I don't have a granola recipe, but I do have one for playdough! (

We have a Papa and Mimi too...and they're coming on Monday to stay with our kids while we go to Seattle!

I love spring break...but you're's survival of the fittest!

Fun post, friend!

Family of 5 said...

Sounds like a grand time at your home! And I can tell you are making the most of it! WAy to bring on the coffee! Or reheating the same cup...and at least you get a break for 2 days too...thank goodness for grandparents!

Gill said...

I love your bathtime photos!! They were waaay cute!
I think i would like spring break with you :)

runninggal said...

Cheering you on Mama of 3! With a plan like yours, there's no way you won't win round 2!

Ackerfam said...

So, it's official. I'm coming out to tell you I'm a blog stalker. And I'm here to tell you! I will be adding your blog to mine because I enjoy reading it! And I feel like I know you-and we have met! And AJ's getting to know you, yes. We need to be official blog buddies :) You are a creative mom with all these ideas for spring break! I'll try to remember them when Lily's old enough to enjoy it all!-Amanda

Carpoolqueen said...

COSTCO!!!! Hours of fun to be had there. And you're brave for hauling out the Playdoh, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

Ooohhhd---playdough, those are the big guns!

Here is my granola bar recipe. I also have one that I use for just regular granola if you want it.

My youngest loves the bath tub as well. Love Lincs cheeks--and hair! :)