Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You give me (spring) fever.

There's no doubt. Spring is on it's way, in the forms of Spring Break (beginning at the 3 o'clock bell today) and new growth. And the proof is in the pudding. Mmmmm, pudding!

Around these here parts there is some of this happening...

And this...

And there is bound to be a little of this goin' on soon.

All made possible by one of those things which I love most. Yup, you guessed it! SUN!

To hopefully stay one step ahead of the inevitable grumbles and whining questions and statements that come from every young child on Spring Break (at least those that are P.O.H. (Prisoners of Home))...

Mom, I'm bored.

Mom, what is there to do?

Mom, there's nothing fun to do!

Mom, can I swing from the ceiling fans, jump of the roof, destroy the fragile flowers peeking there heads through, eat dirt, or fly from every piece of furniture? (ok, they won't ask this, but if not prepared, this might commence.)

...I've decided to come up with something every day of spring break, starting this evening, that is an activity that they've never done, have rarely done, or is just a crowd pleaser no matter how many times it's done. In hopes that I will be dubbed, "Oh lovely Mama, our hero." This might be wishful thinking. But, none the less, will squelch said boredom and lack of fun. And I don't think the old standbys are going to work this time around. Mama's got to pull out the big guns (shhh. Don't tell Obama;)), but, as you will see, will still not require mucho mulla. Just mucho brain power. Ok, now I'm a little scared.

Tonight I'm going with the trusted, tried, and true "Family Movie Night", where we get our free Redbox movie rental, rearrange living room furniture to fit the mounds of blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, and stuffed friends, put out the bowls of popcorn and candy, and let them stay up way past their bedtimes. And then I pray that they uncharacteristically sleep in come morning.

I'll keep you posted throughout our week and a half long "adventures" and if you wouldn't mind sharing what you've been doing Spring break, already done, or will be doing to scare away the Boredom Monster, I'm sure we all would appreciate the help and support!

Oh and I have a few goals for myself, as well.
Coming soon...


Carpoolqueen said...

We've been on break for 10 days. We've painted cardboard, done science experiments (I am out of vinegar), cooked, baked, drowned our Legos, had picnics on the back porch, made a trip to Sonic for milkshakes, run errands.

This weekend is a trip to Williamsburg and then I'm shiping them to Grandma's for three or four days.

Amanda P said...

Oh I love it! You're so inspired! I will pray that they'll sleep in too. :)

Phoebe said...

Great thinking! Hope you all have a great break.

We had last Friday. That's it. We didn't do too much out of our norm. Our oldest had a friend over, we had movie night, and we did a few science expiriments.

I hope they sleep in for you, too. That is always nice--especially on Spring Break! :)

Donna said...

How about . . . a couple of days and one overnight with Papa & Mimi? Shall we say . . . Friday/Saturday . . . you'll probably have run out of ideas by then :o) Give us a call, and we'll nail down the plans, and you can have a couple of free days all to yourself . . . or . . . you can come and hang out with us old folks too!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

How fun to do something different each day! You're a nice mama! If we had your sun and spring like days we'd definitely be doing some hiking and spending time at the park!