Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who needs food anyway?? I do! I do!

All right, I'm steppin' out here. There's nothing like posting about one of your biggest struggles and talking about a commitment you're making to form a new habit, right? So here it goes. (deep breath)


We all do it. It needs to be done. It just needs to be done differently than I've been doing it for the past several (7?) years. Like any struggle, I've gone through highs and lows. After Will was born I lost 25 lbs and should have kept going, but "I" got in the way and then I became pregnant with Emma. And the rest is history. So it's time. I'm done having babies. I'm done making excuses.

I found a great article a few blogs removed: 13 Things to Avoid When Changing Habits's MY plan...

1) I'm not taking on more than 1 habit this time. - In the past, I've said I need to start eating healthier, exercising, etc., etc. all at once and it's just too overwhelming. So for now it's just the one: my eating habit.

2)I'm committing it in writing. - Not just on this blog, but in my home where it's visible to me all the time.

3)I'm fully committed. - That means, my healthy eating is my family's healthy eating. No more "oh, I'll just buy this package of cookies for the kids as a little treat." and then "how many of these did THEY actually eat." And by blogging about it (the craziest thing I've ever done! What was I thinking!) I'm being held accountable because the whole world is watching. Ok, my little world, but still! How embarrassing!

I won't list all the points, but here are a few more.

5) Motivation. - My motivation...I want to be healthy (and lose lots of weight, of course:)) I'm tired of not following through with this commitment. I want to feel confident. I want more energy for my kids. I think it will help my outlook/attitude. I think, for me anyway, it will help me to be a better mom and wife. I'll get to buy some new clothes.:) And I'll be more likely to want to attend my 10 year college reunion coming up this September.:)

6) Obstacles - I recognize that every day will bring obstacles so I need to have a plan. Company, eating out, vacation, going over to other's homes, lack of money for healthy food (this one still gets me!) ...still working on my plans.

7) I'm blogging and logging. - Ok, this is where it gets serious, seriously scary anyway! I'm going to log my daily food intake. AAAHHHH. How's that for accountability???

9) Knowing my triggers. - I've known these for a long time, so for me it's setting my mind to not letting those triggers overtake me. Stress, comfort, boredom.

13) Don't quit! - Sometimes when I've decided to "make the commitment" and I end up falling off the bandwagon, I just end up giving up.

And while the article did not list this last one, I feel it's the most important thing for me to keep in mind.

14) I CAN go to God with this. NOTHING is too small or silly to entrust to our Lord. He WILL help me. I need to stop sinning by going to food in times of stress or worry and start going to Him.

Well, there you have it. And thanks, Amanda, for the spark that got this fire going.
And here's the before picture (hopefully). And for those of you that know me really well, you know I do NOT like full body pictures of myself, so this is a first! Here's to Happy Healthy Eating!! I go, I can do it. Hit "publish post". Hit "publish post". Is my mouse working properly?? Cathy, come on. NO MORE EXCUSES. (eyes closed, holding my breath, pushing the button)


Nikki said...

I know how hard writing about this is for you. So, I'll be rooting you on! Go Cathy, Go Cathy!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! I'm hoping to make this change for myself after this baby. You give me courage Cathy! I love you and I'm so proud of you!

Amanda said...

You ROCK! Did I say that loudly enough? What a vulnerable accountability, the blog, and I'm honored that you're sharing with us. Now I want to go read that article about helping out changing habits too! The best thing about your sharing for us...the inspritation to be committed with you and make good choices. Thanks for sharing, once again, in your journey!

Kristin said...


This was really encouraging for me this morning. You know that this is an issue that I have been trying to overcome for years. You have inspired me stop making excuses and get moving toward a more healthier me. You can do it and I can do it!!!"Through Christ we can do all things".

Chelan Rene' said...

girl, i'm with ya. hte last 2 weeks, i've had this black cloud over my consciousness about how i've gained. for me it's both food intake & lack of activity. it gets so discouraging that i don't even want to try agn! i think i gained 44 w/angel, lost 31 (instead of 40) & instead of continuing to lose, i started gaining t the tune of 10 more now these last 4 mo.s or so...which lands me at (drumroll pls...)149. i DO NOT want to see it raise to the next set of #s. i'm tryin' for the 30's! (130 would be good for me).
so how are you doing with it now that it's day 6 for you? you still look even cuter than u did in high school, espec. w/that cut!

i need a game plan & accountability. God help us! why can't i just blv that i really "can do all things..."?! anyway, must go - cryin' baby.

ps - i can't read your subtitle on your header very well, but very cute redesign!! love the b/g colors w/the B&W pic.

Basking in the Son said...

You go girl! One new habit at a time sounds like a good goal. Sometimes I get overwelmed when there are too many things to work on at once.