Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Will & Emma say...

(I'm changing the other kids names to protect the innocent:))

Emma: I'm going to be a mama when I get big.

Emma: And I'm going to marry Will.

Will: Emma! (said with exasperation) Brothers and sisters can't get married. My thoughts: (well..maybe in Prineville...oops, did I say that?)

Emma: Well, I'll marry Horris and Clive then.

Us: You can only marry one person, babes.

Will: You should marry Horris.

Us: Why Horris?

Will: 'Cause I still want to be friends with Clive!


Amanda said...

Hilarious!! Aren't you glad we married our best friends?

Yes, I'm home, missing you! Are you just a duo this week? Want to hang?

chelaners said...

hey u- i was just explainin' to braylon that you could get some messed up kids if you married your sister - like deformed with one eyeball in the forehead & 5 arms, ya know. so he was like ' oh, nevermind. - anyway, email me your mailing address to chelaners@gmail.com, k? ii had an idea to send u a burned CD - a children's songs by various famous people. bray loves it.

have a great weekend!!
~ chelaners