Saturday, November 22, 2008

Down by the seashore...

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to get away to the beach. It was truly a God send. We had paid for this week-long vacation a few months before our move back to the valley. At the time, having no clue that it was something that would have never been possible had we needed to pay for it now. It was a wonderful week of relaxing, swimming in the pool (every day!), playing games, coloring, looking at lighthouses, hanging out with friends, seeing the Oregon Coast Aquarium, MO'S, a little shopping (mostly window), watching it storm, and playing on the beach.
The first few days our long-time friends the Braatens joined us...since traditionally we take a fall coast trip with them. It was great to get this quality-time-fix with their family! And, as usual, made some memories and have some more stories to tell...

Without further's the mother load of pictures!

I especially loved the couple...who ever they were.

Morning play time.

Aspen "blowing"

Lots of chase, tickling, and kissing.:) The Aquarium

The ugliest fish I've ever seen.

Touching little sharks. Lincoln with the spider crabs...they could probably swallow him whole.
The jellies.
Touching more "stuff".

"Hey Aspen, isn't this aquarium bench awesome?!"

Looking at the sea otters...

...and the sea lions.

Always posing.

Laying on the water and looking at the fishes. Yeah the floor creaked and it was a little freaky.

A really big fish eye.

A shark swimming above us, around us, below us. And yes, that's blood.
Picture and hat troubles.
Ha Ha Billy!
And Kelly...sleeping.

Dental Floss Glasses. It's the new cool.The view from our room.

The rest of the time.

Billy, you're interfering with my shot.

Kickin' back.

FINALLY, our last day there the weather permitted beach time. Perfect weather: no wind, pretty warm. Just wish we had all day.

Will LOVED it. We weren't down there more than a minute before he was doing this:

...and this...

...and this.

Emma's mission: to find pretty seashells. ...and other weird stuff.

Lincoln's 1st time at the beach!!!

We actually have almost the identical picture of Will: similar pose and exact coat and hat!

Newport in black and white. My feeble attempts:)

Is there some law against posts this long??? I think it's my record. I'll try to keep them a little shorter from now on....maybe.


Kristin said...

You sure did an awesome job capturing your vacation. I love the photos. In my opinion posts with pics can never be too long.

Brandi said...

I love that you and your family were able to take this special trip. I love the beach and the view from your room was wonderful!

Nikki said...

No, it wasn't long, and I loved looking at all the pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast! How wonderful to be able to have that opportunity! Especially now when I am sure you guys really needed it = )!!!

Amanda P said...

AWESOME photos! You should really make one of those photo books from b&w's are GREAT. Nice going!

Karyn said...

I need to post mine...

(seems like months ago, doesn't it? *sigh*)

Basking in the Son said...

I want to know how you kept Billy off the cliffs
- Dylan (on 'Chele's password!)

Jenny said...

We have such cool friends.

I like your photo style. Keep it up, Buttercup.