Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Stinkin'" Adorable!

Our typical October 31st would usually consist of a church Harvest Party and neighborhood candy retrieval, but since this year found our family at the coast on that day, we took ourselves down to the Lincoln City outlets for some safe, rain-free costume-parading and candy-collecting.

Dread Pirate Will

Emma "Social" Butterfly

Little "Stinker" - who, by the way, won the award of the night for most oooo's and aaahhhh's from the crowd! I've never heard so many people go on and on about how cute he was! We even had random people video taping him, asking to take his picture, and giving him their vote for best costume! So fun!

...and because you just can't get the full effect unless you see him you go!


Nikki said...

Okay, that has to be the cutest costume!And seeing him walk in it ...... I so love the waddle! He and Eli walk the same way! How cute the kids looked! Thanks for sharing! I love getting to see the action - we miss you guys so much!

Basking in the Son said...

That is the greatest waddle! I don't think I've ever seen such a cute skunk. Love the "social" butterfly as well!

Kristin said...

He's a skunk? I love it!!! Did you make this Cathy? Thanks for sharing the video too this gave us a great bit of laughter! Will and Emma look way cute too. Can't wait to see you guys on Friday after Thanksgiving. We miss you guys.

chelaners said...

oh my. waddle would be the word! my girl (almost 2) watched this whole video 2 times thru with a huge grin & then said, again?!