Sunday, December 7, 2008

just a few...

...of the reasons I love my hubby...

~ He lets me sleep in...a lot.
~ He makes the kids chocolate chip's kind of become his "thing".
~ He takes all 3 kids places by himself.
~ He's goofy and makes me laugh.
~ He provides for our family - right now by working 2 jobs.
~ He's a hard worker and cares about what he does.
~ He helps tuck the kid's in every night AND prays with them.
~ He'll watch a good girly movie with me.
~ He truly desires to follow Jesus.
~ He has a beautiful singing voice.
~ He's generous with what we or otherwise.
~ He sometimes does the dishes and laundry...without me asking:)
~ He's a caring husband, daddy, friend, son, brother...................
~ Oh and he's hot.
...there are, of course, a million more.


Jenny said...

What a GREAT daddy and husband. We love Billy, too.

Amanda P said...

What inspired that? So sweet! I especially love 'princess billy.' You are a blessed woman!

Brandi said...

Any man who wears pink shoes and a tierra for his little girl is definately a keeper!!

I love this post - so sweet!

Basking in the Son said...

I wanted to comment on Princess Billy as well. And of course, the jumping into the water one is the Billy we remember! So exciting to see him still serious about his walk with God. He also has an incredible mate, who I'm sure inspires him to be all these wonderful things.