Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I think I will not keep this short and sweet...

I did not (a couple of times this week) have gingerbread cookies for breakfast, further ensuring that I will need to work all the harder to lose this weight. Pshaw! Not me!

And you would also have not seen me several times this week walk outside in the middle of our apartment complex in my pajamas just to get some pictures of our wild snow and ice storms. That would be crazy!

And we absolutely did not have cold cereal for dinner one night this week. A special thanks to Michelle, for NOT putting this idea in my head!

I, also, did not feel pretty glamorous and good about myself this week when I got "dressed up" in nice JEANS and a sweater, because the rest of the week was spent in sweats, pjs, or velour track suit. I am NOT frumpy! June Cleaver's got nothin' on me;)

And I most certainly am not keeping certain things about this week to myself that the world wide blogging world probably could just do without hearing...another day, another Not Me! Monday...

C'mon people! I've got to break myself in slowly now.

You're turn. Join MckMama and the rest of us in keeping it real!


They call me mommy said...

haha! I love that you had cold cereal for breakfast! check out my 7 on my blog.

Basking in the Son said...

I love it! And, the fact that roads are still a mess is NOT making any of us even a little bit crazy. Merry Christmas!