Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday Returns!!!

I was definitely not excited when I saw that MckMama, the creator and host of this lovely carnival where we are brutally honest and live to tell about it, fully intended to bring it back come Monday. And I know that you all are definitely not excited as well, because I just know that you all have been itchin' to join us all over at My Charming Kids!

I then, simultaneously, did not inwardly groan because my mind, that is definitely not already starting to "go", would have to try and recall all the crazy things that I absolutely did not do this past week because I did not once again not keep track throughout the week.

Wow. I am definitely not so out of practice with this, that even I, when reading back through those last 2 paragraphs, did not sit back and go, "Huh?" and wonder if any of that made any sense at all.


This past week I did not find myself so much out of shape that, the day after my son's field trip to the zoo, my shins were actually hurting from the sprinting that we did for a full 2 hours so that we could see all the important things. I would never admit to that.

Oh yeah. And on that zoo field trip you would not have seen me snapping a ton of photos of this lovely lady orangutan just because she was too sweet, flirting with the kids at the glass, and even puckering up at my son when he would smoosh his face onto the meticulously clean dirty, other kid finger printed, germ infested glass behind which she was lounging.

And I did not, for just a moment, wish that I could give her a big hug. Until... I recalled some of the caught on camera things I've seen where the seemingly cute, gentle wild animal attacked an unsuspecting spectator....

I absolutely would not have enjoyed the 100+ comments on my blogaversary giveaway post even if they were from a total of only 20 people. (shameful, just shameful) I would not have enjoyed all the attention, even if it was just for a day, and only because I was giving something away.:) Nope. Not me!

And I definitely did not find myself wishing just a little bit that that title of my giveaway post was actually true. What? Did I just say that out loud?!

It also did not totally amuse me that I actually "got" some of you with the title of said post. And that I went on to "get" you with the title of the following post. I would never be so cruel as that. Not me.

Definitely not me.

And lastly, but definitely not not (you know what I mean?) least, I am not incredibly grateful and thankful to God for his faithfulness, care, sovereignty and provision in SO many things, but this week especially for...

1) My "expecting" friend who, along with her hubby of course, found out that a baby will be born into their family through adoption!

2) A friend's mom who made it through a double mastectomy, and found that she will not have to go through any other treatment, because after surgery she is cancer free!

3) My grandma from Arkansas making it here safely to spend 3 weeks visiting with us.

4) A second interview for a job for my mom and a raise (after a big cut in pay) for my dad.

5) And, of course, that Stellan was released to go HOME!

And before I forget, the winner of my little giveaway is not NIKKI!!!!! The random generator did not pick her out of all the comments (#36 - and, yes, I have photographic evidence if it is in question.) to win her choice of a Starbucks or Target gift card. And if she will email me her new address I will not mail that out to her pronto in thanks for participating in this fun little game!

And to those who definitely did not lose....I would absolutely not keep your eyes open for another giveaway sometime in the future. Because it was not so fun that I would want to do it again!!

Have you finished your Not Me! Monday?? Well, times a-waistin'! Get 'er done and link up over at MckMama's for a chance to win her contest!


Mighty M said...

Nice return to Not Me Monday form! I haven't started mine back up yet!!

Carpoolqueen said...

I would NOT be so unsportsmanlike as to offer heartfelt congratulations to Nikki with a twinge of bitter remorse.

For that is so not me.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

SCREECH!!!!!! Your grandma is from Arkansas????? WHERE in Arkansas?

Congrats to Nikki. Forgive me for crying like a baby and heading out the door right this very minute to drown my sorrows in a cup of Starbucks and some retail therapy at Target. In Nikki's honor, of course. :(

Family of 5 said...

It' s so fun to read your 'not me Monday!" I'm glad it's back to "normal" I sit there reading it thinking to myself, someday when I get a creative bone in me I might take a stab at trying to write a "NOT ME! Monday!" Someday that is! For now I will enjoy reading yours and another friend's and just nod my head because so often it feels like that's what happens with my life! And congrats to Nikki...although I was REALLY hoping for an excuse to go to Target and walk around trying to figure out what to buy myself! ;) Oh well...

Basking in the Son said...

I think Nikki could definetly use some Starbucks! Congrats! So good to hear all those wonderful praises. Have fun with your Grandma.

Elaine A. said...

Those orangutan pics are awesome! She looks huggable to me! : )

harmonysong said...

Oh man! I was freaked by the fight, but then I could not stop laughing when I turned around and saw her in the sink! Wish I had taken a picture!!

Oh, and I am also not so thankful that Stellan was released! ;)

Jenny said...

Gee... I pause from reading your blog and BAM! So many posts. I missed the give-away all together.

Praise God for Stellan!

I am so happy your son got to play with an orangutan. Cool.

Keyona said...

Very cute pictures! Great list!

Wendy said...

Dang it, it's NOT ME! You will have to explain this blog idea after I am done licking my wounds from not winning. Boo to the random generator :)

ginger said...

I read your comment @ MCK & wanted to tell you 2 things: 1) the Scripture you posted was the very same that my pastor preached about on Sunday (read: God is trying to tell me something); 2) I could have written your request, though not as eloquently. So I will be praying for you.

Nikki said...

WHAT?!?!?! I WON?!?!?!? WHOO HOO!! That means I actually get some "me" time (which never happens)! I am so happy I could cry! THANK YOU SIS!!!

Okay - and let me add ....

Major congrats to your "Expecting"friend!! What a huge blessing for them =)!

And to your friends mom with the double mastectomy - that brought me to tears. What a HUGE blessing that she is cancer free! That had Gods handprints ALL over it!

Have fun with your grandma! How exciting! My grandma visits me too - but in my thoughts ;). WHat I wouldn't give for grandma to be able to see all her great-grandbabies!

And another congrats to your dad and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your mom!

Love you Cathy!! And we can't wait until October to see ya! (how sad that I have to wait that long to visit family in Oregon!)