Friday, May 29, 2009

you know this is why you keep coming back

Sonic - Take Two: ...because I can't be on that side of town now and NOT visit...

Today it was a Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. Very yum. Much more mild than my beloved PDDP. But at the risk of losing my new found friendships with Meredith and Carpoolqueen, I have to say it comes in 2nd behind my Pineapple Diet Dr. Pepper. Do you like how it's now my PDDP, Amber? And it most definitely does deserve it's own text color...cause it's special like that.

Is anyone getting a little scared about my obsession yet?

Aren't you glad you can visit my blog to get my educated (I need my bachelors degree to be good for something.) opinion on the plethora ( bachelors degree) of beverage combinations one can obtain from Sonic??

You're welcome.

What is the world coming to? What is my life coming to...that the most exciting thing I can think to blog about is my Sonic runs. It's a sad, sad state of affairs, I tell ya.

So since I feel like this post should be about more than just Sonic. Step away from the drink, Cathy. Here's a few other happenings, that if you're visiting my blog, you must know about...

Summer Cuts

Inspired by this cool dude, we went a little faux hawkish. And let's face it, as sad as it was to see his baby look go again, he looks mighty dashing with his new look, don't you think?

And it's nice to have options.

He can go faux...

...or no....because as long as it's paired with pink shoes he can't go wrong...

...or just plain goofy.

And since I like to punish myself make the most of my time I decided to get the other 2 ragamuffins taken care of on the same day.

Believe me. It was time to get this scary mess of a head
shaped up into something a little more manageable.

The face? Not so much manageable. Apparently we all know how to sport our goofy look.

Which leads me so beautifully into this eye pleasing performance by my hubby which was recorded at a Foster Parent Appreciation Dinner that he organized. Didn't want you to feel left out, Hon.

(He's the one on the far left.)

Ahhh, makes a woman proud.

Wasn't watching the Village People just the icing on the cake or the pineapple in the Diet Dr. Pepper as it were?


P.S. Because I'm thoughtful, I left you with lots of links to follow to keep yourself busy over the weekend. You know, because you all have nothing to do...


Amber said...

I'm beside myself with giddiness.

Let's conquer the West Coast. I've got the South. find someone on the East Coast that lovies the PDDP as much as you and me.

It is blissfully amazing, isn't it?!

And I'm all over the haircuts...maybe the rascals need nifty hawks like those! Maybe I should mull it over while I drink a PDDP.

And now your hubs has to let you meet me in a couple of weeks....because I now have blackmail material. Thanks for that!

Heart you, friend.

harmonysong said...

Hysterical video!!

Love the hair cuts! Summer is always a fun time to switch it up with the hair!

Wish there were Sonics in New England!

Carpoolqueen said...

We did haircuts as well, yesterday. They were shaggy and Grandma's coming, so I didn't want to give her anything to fuss at me for.

Glad you have "your" drink at Sonic. It's truly a blissful thing. Welcome to the club.

Wendy said...

Laughing, laughing, can we get that video clip as a background to Billy's special on Sunday?

Acker Family said...

OH MY WORD. Lincoln doesn't even look like the same little boy anymore!! He looks so old-but he's still SO cute!! I love the new 'do!! Way to go and be strong. Did you end up cutting it yourself or take them somewhere? You'll have to let me know :) Also, when are we planning this girl's trip eh? And could I get a PDDP without the diet part? I like the full on real stuff :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That's hilarious!

And so glad you blog about the wonderfulness of Sonic too!

Family of 5 said...

I so enjoy those adorable faces of your children! And their new cuts! And way to be proud of your dancing hubby! That was pretty funny! Thanks for sharing it!

Gretchen said...

The vid and the pink shoes? Priceless.