Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Dancing In The Rain,

I'm sorry

I'm neglecting you.

I miss you. Really I do.

But, you see, life

is happening all around me.

And I would miss it more

if I neglected it.

But I know that you'll be here

when I'm ready to fill you with words and pictures again.

Cause I will.


I promise.

Next time I'm not

tending to

sinks full of dishes,

couches piled with laundry,

scraped knees,

kids drying off from the pool,

filling the cupboards and fridge,

vacuuming up crumbs,

picking up dirty clothes,

picking up books and toys,

exercising this body,

painting little girl's toenails,

packing for a trip to the park,

cuddling waking babes,

dating my husband,

worshiping my King,

building and nurturing my friendships,

visiting with family,

I'll tend to you.

You understand, don't you?


harmonysong said...

WE all understand!! :) Miss your posts, though! Hope you are enjoying summer!! LOVE the haircut, by the way!!

oh, and 4 days of the shred counts!! It does, it does!!!

Jenny said...

I can't wait. It's my daily connection to you. It's how I hear your voice when we can't talk on the phone. It's how I see your children grow up when we aren't spending time together.

But less selfishly, I rejoice in your commitment to the important things in your life. So, I'll wait and continue to love you from here daily.

So go. Live your life, love on your husband, sing to the King and kiss those kids!

Amber said... selfishly, I'm a bit irritated at your lack of blogginess. Because, Cat-a-lac, you and I "get" eachother....and I miss ya when you aren't around.

But, unselfishly, I'm so proud of you. Because walking away from these dern computers is hard. And you are such a stronger woman than I.

Love ya.

Family of 5 said...

Been there...oh wait I'm still there...we are mom's in this together that's for sure! Totally understand! WAy to take care of the families needs first! You are a wonderful mama and wife!

Gretchen said...

Well done, you.

Tiffani said...

Well, any friend of Amber's is a friend of mine..and I see you also know my sweetie, Gretchen. How could we not have crossed paths til now???

It's so NICE to have someone new come and see me at the Blogspot. I see, you, like me, may or may not have been neglecting yours as well..but hey, it's all good!

Look forward to getting to know ya even better (but take your time on posting, girl, summer's not QUITE over yet!) ;)