Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Since this is definitely not late, I won't just direct you, quickly, to MckMama's place to read what everyone else didn't do this last week. Whether it's true confessions or bragging in disguise (like mine definitely is not) you, too, can join in!

I am not using Not Me! Monday as my forum of choice to get a little caught up on my blogging. Nope. Not me.

After the weekend in which I was not spoiled by an afternoon nap, hubby taking kids to park, hubby cooking dinner, and hubby cleaning up after dinner, we did not also get to have a date "day" the next day while the kids played with Mimi and Papa.

I did not laugh my evil sinister laugh (muwahahahaha!) when my hubby, who for approximately 10 years has refused to step foot into an IKEA since the first (and I was worried, the last) time, suggested (on his own!) that part of our "date day" should include a stop at IKEA and when walking out of said store, then proceeded to admit, "I love IKEA" to me. I did not rejoice after realizing that it would not have to be another 10 years before I could revisit one of my favorite stores of all time.

While at IKEA we did not pick up some chairs to complete our "front" room,
some much needed containers to hold my bulk buys from Winco,
some fun rugs to brighten up the kitchen and cushion my feet while slaving away at the stove or sink,
and a couple other cheap finds.

By the time we left IKEA, a good 3 hours had definitely not come and gone and we were absolutely not desperate for something to fill our bellies.

Being the hater of most things fish, I did not agree to stop at a sushi place for an appetizer just because my hubby was craving it. I did not actually enjoy the 3 (no fish containing) items that I ate. Nope. Not me.
And while getting proof of my sushi eating ways, I absolutely did not sling my soy sauce/wasabi creation all over my shirt and not notice it until getting in the car. (I do not see about a hundred things that I don't like about this picture....all which have something to do with double chins, bug eyes, hair placement and nostrils.)
We then did not take a leisurely stroll along Portland's waterfront, take pictures of this beautiful city, and weird-people watch while furiously licking at our shared ice cream cone that was quickly melting before our very eyes.

But, if all this had taken place, we absolutely would not have found it heavenly to simply be together, strolling (Did you hear me say strolling?! Strolling, people! Not dragging a posse through a store, holding back grabby hands, feeding many hungry mouths, taking "potty breaks", eating McDonald's, putting a movie on in the car for the drive to the city, racing back home for rests/naps/the safety of home.) hand in hand, finishing an entire ice cream cone ourselves, talking....................................

You get the pic.


Carpoolqueen said...

You did NOT go into a sushi place!?!?! Good for you. CPQ is so proud of you for even darkening the door.

And IKEA? Heaven.

Mighty M said...

Fun day - love all the Ikea finds!!

Pam said...

Do you remember when we went to IKEA in Seattle when we stayed at my brother's house? Was that the first time and was that already 10 years ago and were you actually married when we went to pick up that car?!??!

Jenny said...

I miss you.

Family of 5 said...

Sounds dreamy! What a great date w/ the hubby! Love those moments they are too few aren't they though?

Amber said...

I most certainly do NOT love and adore you.

And I absolutely do NOT love you even more for posting that picture of yourself.

Jim said...

I just did NOT have the yen to NOT comment on your NOT-TY blog! So let me NOT take this chance to NOT tell you how much I did NOT enjoy NOT reading about your day. It did NOT remind me about the time I did NOT go to a Korean friend's Sushi restaurant, where we were NOT treated to a special GODZILLA dish that was NOT made in the likeness of a horned serpentine dragon. Its body was NOT made of rice and eel, with red caviar NOT sprinkled over the foot of its curved length. The decorative hornw were NOT of some kind of amphibian delight which I DID eat with much RELISH (NOT!). It was actually NOT very good, even NOT better when I did NOT learn that all Sushi is NOT raw, some is NOT marinated which does NOT make it as bad to NOT taste.

Well, I'm NOT glad you and your Hubby did NOT have a good time! And NOT on this note, I will NOT close now. WHEW! That was hard to get through! (NOT!!!!)
All the best,

Acker Family said...

What a fun day!!! And I do love those Ikea chairs :)

Amanda P said...

Your front room looks great...great job. And, I miss you. :(

Amber said...

Oh, that Jim-Dad.

He's a doozey, isn't he?!

Love ya, girl.

Gretchen said...

You didn't just get a comment from Jim-Dad. I'm not jealous at all.

Sounds like your uneventful time together was a big waste. Sorry for you. NOT!

Lurve the rugs!