Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(insert picture)

I think I'm a seasoned blogger. Not great. Not well known. But seasoned. Which is why this weekend while away I was sorely disappointed by my lack of blogger attention to detail. Otherwise read as, I didn't take one.stinkin.picture. (Hanging head in shame.) My intentions were good. My camera,with it's purposely fully charged battery, was ready and waiting in the purse that it was banished to the entire weekend. A weekend that was full of all kinds of picture worthy moments.

This trip found us heading over the mountains to the area that we lived in for 3+ years before we moved back to our current town about a year ago. Visiting some great friends. Friends that have never failed to make us feel loved, appreciated, or special. Friends that would almost bring us to tears by selflessly taking time out of his day to, unbeknownst to us, go over to our house that any day now we have high hopes of selling is another victim to the tanked housing market and sits empty and neglected, and mow the grass hay, clean up junk, and cut his way through the jungle that is our weeds mature wild trees. Friends that would do this because they knew we were going to have to take a day of our weekend to go over there and "git 'er dun". Friends that would host a BBQ just so we could see and visit with some of our other friends that we left behind and miss. Friends that would put up with our idiosyncrasies. Friends that would keep our dog for us until we could find a rental that would let us bring her home. Friends that....fill in the blank.

We talked about getting a group picture of both our families.

(insert picture that was not taken by that sorry excuse of a seasoned blogger.)

I thought several times of snapping pics of all 6 kiddos playing in the pool, skippin' around the backyard, typing on the "old" garage sale typewriter, stretched out over almost every square inch of a bedroom when it was time to go to sleep, licking up Push-Ups before the sun could melt them, sneaking chips, giggling, fighting one minute and being best buds the next, sharing gum, writing "stories", playing games, making each other laugh.

(insert incredibly adorable, memory heavy pictures that were not taken by that sorry excuse of a seasoned blogger.)

A few times I headed to get the camera to take pictures of all our friends eating, chatting, laughing, reconnecting at the "Friends" BBQ.

(Insert picture that never made it on to my camera because of that sorry excuse of a seasoned blogger.)

Should have made an effort to get some pictures of our visits with Nana and our other very missed friends.

(Insert the shoulda, woulda, coulda, pictures that will never exist now because of that sorry excuse of a seasoned blogger.)

Our time there went too fast.
And so it drew to a close with nary a picture.

Oh and one last thing, since we got approval from the owner of our rental to bring our dog, Star (Don't blame me. Apparently my kids prefer grocery store stranger's suggestions for names over their own mother's. I'm not bitter.), home to live with us, we planned to pick her up while we were visiting. When Billy said to get in the car, she must have thought he said, "Get on the hood of our friend's suburban". (She gets her hearing from her Daddy. Ahem.) There she was, while we all just laughed and stared in disbelief that this had actually happened. A big black dog perched on the hood of a big, white suburban. Owners and friends standing there amazed at her cat-like skillz. Gives a whole new meaning to the words "hood ornament", doesn't it?

And if I was any kind of dedicated blogger there would be a picture showcasing this funny and highly unusual event. Alas, the blogger has left the building her brain elsewhere.


It's quite possible and highly probable that I was just enjoying a fun-filled, relaxing, rejuvenating, friendiful (I like made up words. They make me happy.) weekend without worrying about snapping pictures every second of every day.

And that's OK.
And that was good.
And our weekend was good.
And the fellowship was good.
And the weather was good.
And the food was good.
And the scenery was good.
And the friends...are some of the best!

(Insert picture that I hold in my head of my smiling, beautiful family and friends)

It's just a shame you can't see it.....


Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw the pictures! You described the scenes so well that I saw everything in my head. You're a seasoned blogger indeed because even without evidence from your camera, we can see the pictures just fine.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Carpoolqueen said...

Not every blog post needs a picture. And sometimes, holding the memory in our heart is more precious.

Gretchen said...

Thoroughly agree with the above ladies.

Never apologize for living life to the fullest. Sometimes pictures happen, and sometimes they don't. But we definitely get the picture, here.

Thank You God for friendships like the ones you described.

Wendy said...

Great blog Cathy, I feel like I was there. Even without the pictures :)

Amanda P said...

Ahh..you were having too much fun and sometimes moms need to have that kind of fun- for sure! And your'e hilarious and that makes up for the lack of photos...

Amber said...

Oh, I see it. Because you got a way with words, sister.

Love you.