Friday, June 6, 2008

My Girls

So, even though Amanda beat me to this:) I simply could not just sit by and not post about it myself. No, such fun could not be ignored by my blog. While these nights are too few and far between for my taste, when they do happen (no matter how last minute they are:)) they refresh me. As I'm sure you women out there can testify to, when a mom, wife, or even someone with just a busy life gets to go out for some girl time it is just good. Period. Even if it's as simply as going to Goodwill together (without children!) and finding some bargains (I spent $6.35) and then talking and laughing for hours upon hours at the restaurant (until it closes!) and then in the car outside our friends house. It's just good to be together. As I was importing these pictures to my computer my daughter, Emma, comes up and says, "Who are they, Mama?". I turned the question around to her, because I knew she knew and she says, "Those are your girls". Exactly. These are my girls, my friends, who have become dear to my heart. Friends who I have had fun with, who have been my support and prayer warriors in times of struggle, who show me God's love, and show joy amidst their own hardships and battles. I have already learned so much from these girls of mine and I'm so thankful that God has blessed my life with them. Thank you for your friendship, Josh's Mama (Kristin), Mrs. Torko (Amanda), and Karyn (Emma, of course, has been saying this name the longest). Oh, definitely, NOT to be forgotten Mrs. Norris (Jenny) who as of right now refuses to blog, but falls into "my girls" and is one I cherish as well. Love you all!

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Jennifer in OR said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like you girls were having some much needed fun. :-)

Cathy, thanks for entering my Father's Day Giveaway. Julie won, randomly, how funny! That's never happened to me, and I've hosted many of these giveaways before, but always the winner has been someone I didn't know.

Blessings to you this weekend!