Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We discovered this wonderful surprise several weeks ago. Mama Robin had made her nest low in one of our front yard trees. God's creation is so amazing! It was one of the most beautiful nests I had ever seen, with bits of "ribbon" woven through it, and sitting in plain site her pretty blue eggs. Billy's comment: it looks like she bought her nest at Michael's! Incredible what they can do! We observed her keeping her eggs warm and watching out for them when we would get near, by perching on our roof and staring us down.
The new little arrivals!
You can't even tell how many, they're snuggled in so tight, except for that little one's beak!
Mama in the tree next door keeping a VERY close eye out for her babies! I don't blame her! She had every right to dive-bomb us(and almost did)!


Kristin said...

Spring!!New birth,new beginnings. God's creation is sure beautiful. These pictures are perfect. Thanks for sharing them.

Amanda said...

So fabulous to get a "bird's eye view", we have two nests, one in the treehouse and one on our flood lights. I can't get an eye, better yet a camera into either one. So fun to see the mama's flying back and forth though. Thanks for sharing the so great photos!

Karyn&Kelly said...

Pretty bird, pretty bird.

gramma said...

If Aunt Dee was still teaching she'd really want that nest when they are done with it, and the pictures to go with it. Great photography! (better idea yet -- camp science lesson...where's Len?)