Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's In A Name

So, just a little note about the name of my blog...
A worried friend asked me recently if everything was ok, she had been feeling burdened to pray for us, due partially to the name of my blog. To this friend: Again, thank you so much for your concern and care! That was VERY sweet and VERY appreciated! (by the way, she also knew of some heavy decisions to be made in our lives, which also was part of this concern) But this questioning did lead me to wonder if others were having similar concerns, and so I feel the need to clarify a little. Dancing In The Rain's name did come about coincidentally during a storm in our lives. Please know that our life is not ALL storms and I don't view it as such. We, like all others, have our share of not only storms, but showers, drizzle, AND an abundance of sunshine!! I have chosen not to change the name of my blog simply because I do feel this is a huge part of what navigating this life is all about. It's sometimes so easy to be content and joyful when things are going "good"(by the worlds standards) or experiencing peace (by God's). It's often very difficult to keep that attitude when the storms do come. I want to learn to be content in ALL circumstances in life. AND I never want to forget the storms and the times we needed to "dance in the rain" because truthfully that's when I've grown the most, come to know my Jesus better, and learned to say, "Jesus, you're all I want. You're all I need". So, let the storms come or the sun shine. Me, I'll be learnin' to dance!

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Chelan Rene' said...

life is about learning how to dance isn't it. ev'thing reminds me of a song. this post brings to mind : "blessed be the name..."