Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

So, this is not from this last week because I didn't want to waste a perfectly good post that had already been written a few weeks ago it's been a long week, I didn't keep track, and I'm REALLY tired....

MckMama, for obvious reasons, is not really up to writing her's out, but wanted the rest of us to link up so.... I give you...

Ummmm....I'm still not sure what you're waiting for. Why are you just sitting there when you could be getting all kinds of stuff that you this last week off your chest???? Join MckMama and the rest of us over at My Charming Kids and spill the beans already!!!

As for me.....

I did not start this Not Me! Monday post a mere 3 hours after posting my last Not Me! Monday post just because I had already done something that definitely did not belong in a Not Me moment and I didn't want to forget it yet again when I went to write this out on Sunday which I never do;)

I did not put my coffee in the microwave for the 20th time to reheat it and then start texting my friend while reaching up and getting my coffee out without looking at the microwave. And then go on to take a drink of that coffee, only to realize that I actually had not turned on the microwave and my coffee was still stone cold. Nope. Not me! I would never be that distracted with texting. And it's a good thing that I never, ever drive while texting!

I absolutely have NOT developed a new obsession with Nutella. And have not already gone through an entire jar of it. And I most definitely do not believe that there is a Conspiracy Theory that has kept me from knowing about the wonders of Nutella until now. And if this was the case, you would not have heard my husband say that the only reason I tried it was because of MckMama, which you would have not heard me readily admit to. Nope. Not me. My hubby thanks you, MckMama. Because when I forced him to have a little on a homemade biscuit, he absolutely did not have to admit that it was DE.LICIOUS!

You also would not have found our little Monster in bed with us well after he should have been asleep, because he woke up crying and wouldn't go back to bed. And I absolutely did not cave and let him sit in bed with us, watch our Netflix movie, and eat popcorn at 10 o'clock at night. And if that did happen, and I'm not saying that it did, I definitely would not have LOVED it and wished that we did it more and, in fact, plan to do it again someday soon just because he's growing up too fast and pretty soon he won't fit as snug in between us in our queen size bed, and he was so cute, sweet, and looking so proud while he was doing it. Nope. Not me!

When Buddy (why are visions of the movie "Elf" coming to mind?) came to the back door showing his finger with a little blood on it, I absolutely did not say, "just go wipe it in the grass". I would NEVER be that insensitive and he would NEVER actually then proceed to DO IT. (I couldn't follow through, by the way. I had him come in, wash it, and then I did NOT put a nice girly Dora band-aid on it for him.)

I am most assuredly not just a little overwhelmed by the list of things that I have planned out for this next week (Spring Break), including the list in my head of the things I would like to get accomplished as well.

And last but not least, I am NOT having a hard time thinking about "Teen Wolf" getting a haircut, because I absolutely never get emotional when it comes to these types of things. So you will not find me weepy when it actually comes time for the aforementioned cut. Nope. Not me!

Phew. I'm done for now. And I'm sure you're definitely not grateful for that little fact. Because it probably was not just a few more beans of mine then you wanted to see spilled, and you're probably not thinking that I went a little crazy with the linking in this post. Not you!

There. I even helped you get started with your own Not Me! Monday post.

No need to thank me.


Maybe I'll say just a few tiny little things about this last week...

I am not completely overwhelmed by the fact that Jesus wore MY crown of thorns and died for MY sins and conquered death for ME and desires a personal relationship with ME. I'm not in awestruck wonder of it all, like it's the first time I've heard the truth (which it's not). And I'm not thanking Him for his love and passion for me that caused Him to take my nails, my cross, my shame and to give me eternal life!!

And He did not do these things for YOU as well!!!


Carpoolqueen said...

Ah Nutella - we shall share a bite or ten when we get together. I lived next door to a woman who sent her kids to school with a Nutella sandwich

My kids were so jealous.

Acker Family said...

Haven't tasted nutella-maybe I should try it! And I remember having those popcorn dates with my parents-they were the best! Keep 'em coming :)

Jenny said...

I eat Nutella on the Rio. With plantains. Mmmm...

Angela said...

Loved your not me's---especially the Easter portion. Your blog and children are nice to meet you.

Brandi said...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!
I always love your "Not Me Mondays" - but I really liked the part about Jesus.

Pineapple Princess said...

Love your blog. Your kids are such cuties!! :)

harmonysong said...

I forgot to thank you for posting on my blog a little while ago! So thanks! :) AND thanks for visiting today! :)

Your post is making me crave Nutella! :) Good thing we do not have any in the house- too late.

Amen to your last Not me!!!!

JD said...

I, too, had friends whose parents sent them to school with Nutella sandwhiches. Which I suppose my mom could have done, if we had stopped going through an entire jar the day it was brought home from the grocery store... ahem... Who us? Certainly NOT!

Just sent a jar to MckMama, actually -- I'm surprised it made it to the post office ;)

Great blog... Love the part about Jesus. AMEN, sister, AMEN!

harmonysong said...

Oh, and I forgot to answer your whitening question. I wish they did, but no, they do not. Bummer! Cleanings, bite wings, full mouth x-rays ($150+ at a dentist- only $25 there!) and sealants. Perfect for those with no dental insurance!

Also, I found your e-mail address on your blog and sent you a "surprise" :) in good MckMama fashion! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You know Lance Armstrong is a nutella fan, don't you?

And my friend swears there is nothing better than nutella on a croissant.

Of course, I can't get past the whole chocolate thing which means there is more of it for you, my friend, and Lance.

And cold coffee? Ewwww.