Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama started this little HUGE carnival as a way to "confess" to those things that we all do but often don't say out loud in a theureputic, I'm right there with you, been there done that, I totally understand, yup, this is my life, we all have "those" moments, bonding kind of way.
Let us laugh at with you and make some of those "moments" that you would rather forget memorable in a different, more humurous way! Let's be honest and live to tell about it together over at My Charming Kids!

So have you lost track yet of the times that I've insisted that I did.not. wait until the last minute was actually over and done with before starting on my Not Me's instead of recording them throughout the week?

You haven't? Well, then I will definitely not be a broken record and say that once again I did not wait and I'm not sitting here with an empty glass, an unfilled balloon, a blank page, a dead battery, a broken pencil, a flat tire, a burnt out bulb, a....well, you get my drift.

I will absolutely, most definitely, with all seriousness NOT in any way, shape, or form copy Mama Bear's idea for Not Me! Monday and pawn it off as my own idea. And I would never be one to use as many different words as possible to say one thing just to make my post a more acceptable length. Not me!

So I will NOT just leave you with our weekend photos of our "fabulous fun with family and faithful friends", a little alliteration, and call it good. Nope. Not me. I would NEVER cheat on a Not Me! Monday like that. Ever.


Mighty M said...

Great pictures - especially love the one with the kids lying in the grass!!

Carpoolqueen said...

Cheat all you want - Love your showgram.

Amber said...

I most certainly did not appreciate your weekend pictures, and I also did not and am not coveting your photog skilz.

I most certainly do not think that your kids are cute as pie, and I absolutely despise the idea of meeting you.

I also decided that I hate Pineapple Diet Dr. Peppers.

And I, with the utmost certainty, do not heart you in any way, shape, or form.

*wink* and a *smile*

Gretchen said...

I do NOT love each picture, especially of the popcorn maker toy.

You do NOT have any photography talent at all. Sorry.

Do we lurve this NW sunshine, or what!???

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I am coveting that tiny picnic table your kids/friends are sitting at.

Seriously. Want. One. Of. Those.

And what kind of camera do you have?

Jenny said...

I am ever amazed at the great pictures you create with your little camera.