Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Actions speak louder than words.

What are my actions speaking about me lately?

That's the question I'm setting out to answer.

Which is why I'm taking a little (much needed) blogging break. Don't despair my readers!(NOT that you were:))...all 3,000 10 of you. I'm not giving this up, I'm just taking the rest of this week and the weekend to evaluate or re-evaluate, not what my priorities are or should be (I already know that), but whether my activities and actions (attitude too.) are portraying them. And maybe setting some ground rules for myself as well. Apparently it's not just my kids that need these boundaries. I don't ever want anything (blogging, couponing, keeping a clean house, exercise ha!) to interfere with what I should be spending most of my precious time doing, which is having a real relationship with the Lord, loving on and serving my hubby, my kids, and then others. This reflection time is something that I've had to do every so often throughout this life of mine, because as a sinful human being it's so easy to let things that don't really matter start to matter way too much.

Sorry to get all serious on ya. But conviction and the Holy Spirit are serious things. And I definitely wouldn't want to not take them seriously. That's a lot of seriousness.

So? I challenge you as well (if you so choose to be challenged), what are your activities and actions saying about you?

Disclaimer: I am NOT saying that "activities" are in and of themselves BAD. They can be very good. But we CAN do too much or do certain things for the wrong reasons or motivations, and they can start to take away from What and what's really important. And, unfortunately, can become a slow fade into "idol" worship sometimes as well. There just needs to be a good balance. Just clarifying.

Until next'll find me looking at myself in the mirror. Not literally peeps. Sheesh. You know what I mean.


Trina said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Everything around me lately has been stressing this very subject. Last night I decided that I would put more thought into the things I spend the most time on. So I will still be around but I am putting the Lord first and making sure I have that time with him before I get busy and forget or run out of hours in the day. Which is what usually happens to me and it's my relationship with the Lord that suffers and I need it the most.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I understand...but you will be missed.

Cory said...

I thought there was an error in my blog roll when it popped up with the EXACT same title for your blog and Kristin's!

How cute is that! They were totally different posts, but the same sentiment.

Basking in the Son said...

Thanks Cathy for sharing with us. I love blogging/playing on the computer, but I do struggle with keeping it in perspective. I'll be praying for you and looking forward to having you back.

Donna said...

Hi Cathy! It's Dad. Your latest post reminded me of something someone once said (you know me and quotes!). Anyway, it went something like this: no one, on their death bed, wishes they'd spent more time at the office. Of course, we can all substitute any number of things for "office." Priorities & balance --- good reminder, hon. Love you! Dad

Brandi said...

I completely agree with you! I have cut down my blogging since the beginning of the year because I felt it was starting to interfere with other things in my life. I have cut back and am finding a balance. Most people still read my posts - even though they are not daily - although I feel bad for those who check it daily to find nothing new. But, what I'm trying to say is - I look forward to hearing from you again - and if it's in a week or more I will still come back everytime you post! I hope you have a great week spending more time with your family. Because, in the end, life is short and we have to make each day count!