Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Monday has definitely not come around again. Why does it seem like that happens faster and faster each week?

Anyway, we all know what Mondays around this blog mean, right? You got it! It is definitely NOT time for another Not Me! Monday, a most wonderful carnival started by the lovely MckMama over at My Charming Kids. So in honor of being brutally honest and living to tell about it...

I absolutely did not almost have a panic attack last night when after getting back from our weekend trip, thought that I had to throw together a post before I could hit the hay, so as not to miss the deadline, because that would be way too obsessive over a blog carnival, don't you think?

...I then, realizing my mistake, did not breath a sigh of relief when I realized that it was actually SUNDAY not Monday:) oops.

But I also today (Monday) did not get almost frantic again, when catching up on MckMama's weekend blogging, realized that she was actually running a CONTEST for those who participate in Not Me! Monday and I still had yet to write my post out. Because really, my life does not (really not) revolve around Not Me! Monday!

...however, if you've been so not;) teetering on the edge of joining in with the rest of us crazies, how can you pass up on a contest? seriously.

While away this weekend visiting our old stompin' grounds, I did not, multiple times, snap pictures while the car was moving for fear of asking my need-for-speed husband to pull over so I could "get a few pics for my blog". He would so not have rolled his eyes at me. (Truthfully, in ordinary circumstances he absolutely would not have minded, but I had to take into account that a normally 2 1/2 hour drive was taking us 5 hours -a story worth telling in another post).

And I most definitely would NEVER have taken more "moving" pictures while I was the one driving. Not me! ...that really would not be safe...

You know, pictures like these:

(and I was not extremely disappointed that I couldn't take the time to snap some more quality shots. ...maybe next time...)

Also, my hubs and I did not cry more then we've ever cried in a movie while watching "Fireproof" one night. Nope. Not us. And we would definitely not recommend that everyone see it, married or otherwise.

I also did not get my hair chopped this last week by an actual stylist and then turn around and cut my 1 1/2 year old's hair all by myself for the first time (what was I thinking) while he cried, "owie! owie! owieeeee!"

Apparently, he was more attached to his baby mullet then I was...

I just know there were other things that I definitely did not do this last week, but my mind is too tired and old to remember everything I'm running out of time before the deadline people!

...oh and I definitely will not try and use reverse psychology when I say, "Don't you DARE join in the never ending fun of MckMama's Not Me! Monday!)


Brandi said...

Cute! I love the pictures (even if they were NOT taken from a moving car - and NOT by the driver!!) Be careful!! But they are beautiful!

Thanks for your sweet comments!

MckMama said...

Gosh, you look familiar. Who are you again??



Jenny said...

Is it appropiate to say that your new home is NOT lovely?

rachel said...

I TOTALLY make justin pull over all the time for pictures.

One time a couple years ago on Christmas morning, we were traveling through the gorge on the way to my cousin's house in Hood River. We passed the most amazing and surreal scene i have EVER seen- Snow covered hills with an icy waterfall cascading into a lake filled with maybe a hundred beautiful swans floating about. Worth so much more than a thousand words.


(needless to say i am still exceptionally bitter and regretful to this day. AND he is now MORE than happy to stop at my every whim)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh my gosh...those pics are beautiful! Hope your trip was fun.

I still haven't seen Fireproof. It's always gone when I go to blockbuster. I'm going to try again today!

Kristin said...

Again, you managed to make me laugh. I love your Monday blogs!!! I am sorry I missed you too this weekend. Were you guys at church?

Miss you all!