Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's another Monday. And MckMama, the creator of this inspired carnival, is at it again over at My Charming Kids. So go check out everything she did not do this week, along with hundreds of other crazy bloggers!

As for me, I most definitely have not had writers block this week, along with not being incredibly busy to the point of sadly neglecting my blog. Not me! ...soooo...

This past week, while attending a girl's night out b-day party for a friend, did not feel the need to dress up, because it feels so good to not be the mom in the same velour track suit and hat everyday. And I did not take it so far as to endure the pain and suffering of some reeeeally cute shoes, all for the sake of fashion. (please excuse the pastey, white color of my legs and feet. This formerly red-headed, freckled face, fair skinned Pacific Northwesterner has not seen a good tan since, well, I really don't know when. Actually, probably since our honeymoon cruise. So, MckMama, I'm just a little jealous to say the least:))

Also, in regards to "party night", you would definitely have not heard me singin' the praises of the ever wonderful world of Spanx. And because I know the question is on everyone's mind....I absolutely would not be working on a post completely dedicated to this ridiculously amazing invention of our time. (there will NOT be a picture forthcoming. And by NOT, I really mean NOT.)

No thanks needed.

I am not now, forever hooked on the sinfully delicious fondue from The Melting Pot, thanks to the already referenced "party". And once that delectable chocolate touched my lips, you would not have found me bemoaning the fact that we did not START with dessert. Nope, not me!

I most definitely did NOT get a little weepy when I saw daddy and daughter dancing together at a family birthday party, because she is NOT growing up way too fast and I was not picturing her dancing with him at her future wedding.(Even though he INSISTS that she will never be allowed to marry:))
Lastly, I also would never, in a million years, admit to staying up until all hours of the night twittering, blogging, or facebooking while my sweet hubby snores away in the bed next to me. And still have nothing on my blog to show for it, except for this sadly short Not Me! Monday.

Until next Monday, hopefully sooner, when I most assuredly will not have a more interesting week!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I keep thinking I'm SO doing a post like this...and then I forget until I read yours.

I loved it.

Love the shoes. Love that you had somewhere to go that gave you a reason to dress up. Love the Melting Pot. And LOVED that pic of your daughter/daddy dancing. Sweet. So sweet.

Trina said...

LOL The things we endure for beauty. Love the shoes.

I have been known to stay up waaaaay to late on the internet myself.

Brandi said...

Love the shoes!!

I have never eaten at The Melting Pot - although we have one close by. I should try it - then again - maybe I shouldn't!! :)

Basking in the Son said...

Glad you had fun at The Melting Pot. It is a delicious place! When we went, I decided to dress up as well and at the last minute even decided to paint my fingernails. Dylan had to buckle me into the car when we getting ready to go, since my nails were still wet. :)