Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

My 30+ year old brain is definitely NOT having a hard time remembering all the things that I most assuredly did not do this week. Because, quite honestly, I refuse to believe that it all starts to go when you turn 30, despite what my mind, body, metabolism, and such are telling me.

I am definitely not giddy with excitement over the premier of American Idol this week! Because I DO NOT have a slight addiction to this show and the hilariously bad auditions and the amazing singing that takes place.

And I would NEVER have hit the ceiling of our apartment this week with a stick so as to "ask" the people upstairs to stop letting their 1 solitary 3 year old spaz little boy ride his bike through the apartment over and over again for almost an hour and then proceed to jump off every possible piece of furniture they own while holding 50 lb weights in each hand as to make the sound seem like the walls and ceiling of our apartment were going to come falling down around our heads, all while Lincoln is trying to take his nap. This definitely does not happen on a daily basis after having NOT gone upstairs 4 separate times and politely asked them to not have him do that at least during the hours of 10pm-3am...oh yes he does!

I absolutely do not now cringe when I'm at the store and an item is not less than a dollar or free after all my discounts and coupons. I'm not getting spoiled with the awesome deals I've been able to score!

And I most definitely am not MORTIFIED by the piles upon piles of clutter and laundry that I've allowed to accumulate around the house (especially in my bedroom). I'm way too much of a control clean freak to let THAT happen! aaahhhh!

And I most definitely am NOT posting this picture of Lincoln that I did not take of him after he found my underwear and decided to wear it...around his neck? Does that say something about the size of my thighs???? and I will not blog about it too, just because it was crazy funny that he was so proud of himself and wanted me to tell him how "pretty" he was! (I'm sure you all really did NOT want to know and see this!)

Now, I think we've had enough of my crazy confessions for one day, thankyouverymuch.

So, don't be shy!
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Wayne said...

great Not me monday. I usd to live on a block of flats and it seems like they make the walls so thin and the ceiling even thiner. a broom handle is a esential peace of equipment for making the people in the other flats aware that they need to tun it down a notch or two

Brandi said...

This is hilarious! I love reading your Not Me Mondays! :)

Thanks for reminding me that American Idol starts this week - hope I haven't already missed it! I love it too!

Basking in the Son said...

You crack me up! Sounds like you have quite the terror living above you.

Pam said...

I canNOT believe you actually used a stick to remind the neighbors you actually live below them! Russ and I were laughing! How in the world do you keep with this blogging thingy--I have such a hard time!

Phoebe said...

Hilarious! :)