Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here is another addition of Not Me! Monday sponsored by MckMama, who started it all and is the queen of being brutally honest and living to tell about it...

You absolutely would not have seen me FREAK OUT at my son's basketball game when he scored his first basket EVER. I did not, again, flail my body around on my chair and then proceed to jump into the air while shouting, "Good job, Will!", all while thrusting two big thumbs up in the air. Nope. Not me. And no one has footage of this to prove I didn't do it. Or do they?

I did not secretly chuckle when my darling daughter told me in no uncertain terms, "Mama, don't call me Goof. You call me, Babes". I can't deny it. She's my "Babes". I also did not find it absolutely adorable when after I called her silly she said, "Mama, don't call me silly. It hurts my feelings. I'm 4. Maybe when I'm 5, I'll be silly." She'll be 5 next month.

And Billy, Will, Emma, and I did NOT break out in random dance parties several times this week, just because, well, they're fun!

Also, I did not have a dream that 2 of my kids were not at home and I, forgetting that the 3rd child was napping, went and got in the car and started to drive away until I realized I had forgotten the one napping. I did not think, while awake, "That will have to go in my Not Me! Monday post." and then realize that I didn't actually DO the thing that I DID NOT do. Huh?

Does that even make sense?

...I most definitely did not just confuse my own self...

I think I will not go to bed now:)

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Hey Cathy...I added you to my reader so as not to miss a single post of yours!

And guess what? My son is named Will too!