Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will says...

...completely out of the blue...
"Mommy, did you know Lincoln's tummy looks cute?"

(Yes, it certainly does. Now, why can't mine be known as "cute"?)
Don't worry. I really DO NOT need an anwer to that. I think I have an idea...and it's totally worth it.


Brandi said...

That is cute!

(And yes, it's totally worth it!)

Kristin said...

I like Lincoln's belly too! This is such a cute pic.

Thanks for calling today. I had such a busy day I wasn't able to call back yet. I was actually wanting to call you but the time was 8:20 in the morning. I was trying to wait a little longer but got busy with the kids I babysit. Then the day got away from me. I miss you and want to talk soon. I really need some helpful coupon cutting, grocery shoppin, cheap meal making ideas from you. I have to tighten things up around here and need an experts tips. That would be YOU my dear! I will try and call you tomorrow. Have a nice night.

gramma said...

Looks to me like you've given Lincon the broom and are teaching him how to keep the neighbors in control. Aunt Phyllis

chelaners said...

hey! i love my sweet one's tummy too. lots of transition this new year, for angel
- no more binky - that 1st night was 2.5 hrs of hell! and the following few nights got better...but now she's good!
- starting to potty train...very beginning stages!
- now rick wants to get rid of the stroller, the booster seat that straps to the kitchen chair...and the pack n play she sleeps in (which that one i may have to cave in to since i want her to hop out of bed to go potty if need be!) but that's a lot of change at once! lets take it easy, huh? maybe we'll let her sleep in the big girl bed in like a month. :) and the stroller..i'm not giving up quite yet. she still my BABY! and i need all the constraints i can get while she is!